I have a SR Smith 606 stand (cantilevered jump stand) for our diving board. (Before we all go there: Im not thrilled about it either, but it was here when we bought the house and funds dont allow replacement of it....Im surprised at how expensive diving board stuff is, even if just a stationary jump stand)

Its currently slightly rusted and dingy looking so I was looking to refinish it. I pulled the board off, only to discover the original hardware was NOT stainless, so its pretty corroded and eaten away. Going to replace everything with 316 stainless (as an aside: have you seen how much SR Smith charges for hardware? you wouldnt believe.....good thing mcmaster.com exists)

I have one question: the "fulcrum pad"...its a rubber bar type thing, 17" long, 1-1/2" wide, 3/4" thick. I cant find the actual replacement part. I have the part number (08502) and can find the complete fulcrum assembly already assembled, but I really only need the rubber part.

Does anyone know of a source?

Thanks in advance.