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Thread: Newbie and 1st BBQ Island Build

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    Newbie and 1st BBQ Island Build

    Hi Folks -

    Have read with interest many posts on the subject but have my own set of questions as I prepare with my 1st build. Any answers for one or more of these will be greatly appreciated ... please be gentle ... I am not a contractor but "journeyman" with plenty of life experience !

    Project background (pics/drawings not supplied at this point) however I have made some drawings. L-shaped frame on patio facing pool. Left module heading south (perpendicular) away from back of house for 4 feet with 28x28" module on end. Front module heading west (parallel) to the house for 5 or 6 feet (haven't decided yet) with raised bar counter (12-18 "). All modules 28" depth. Grill placed in left module. Will have cutouts for drawers/doors and probably a frig on front module. Have a drain strip for pool running in front of of area (east/west) but it is not square to the wall of the house (probably 4 inches difference from left to right edge of area). However, when I drew the lines on patio (square to wall) it is obvious that the left side (facing the wall) of the module would be on the edge of the strip and right side would be 4 inches off the strip. Doesn't look right obviously ... so first question:

    Should I just lay out square to the strip ??

    (2) Do I bolt in Trex footing into patio and just screw bottom plates to the Trex ? Assume concrete screws thru both ?
    (3) Haven't worked with metal before and feel like I want to cut on chop saw ... which blade is best and not expensive ?
    (4) What is the common method for the raised bar/counter hidden supports ??
    (5) What is the common length of the inside corner supports for each wall of the modules?
    (6) Is there a definitive guide (have seen the manual advertised) for framing this thing?
    (7) It looks like any cross fittings I may have are made from studs with cutouts/folds ... is this accurate ?
    (8) Looking to make a "self-contained" cover (directly within the island) vs. attachements to the house. I have seen the Tiki coverings but was looking for something different. Any examples or ideas?
    (9) Any links to how to make the various cut-outs??
    (10) Will electrician get permit to run power or do I have to do that?

    I am looking to stucco the body and tile the tops. Enough for now ... thanks so much for any help or input!

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    Re: Newbie and 1st BBQ Island Build

    Whats going on Whesser. I'm no expert by any means but I have been reseasrching building my own outdoor bbq area. As I will have no water or electricity running to it.

    I believe the trex will NOT be screwed into the floor, the trex provide a space so your cement board and steel studs are off the ground as to not take on moisture.

    -Instead of taking the time to figure out all the measurements and cutting all the steel have your thought of purchasing a kit? this will save you much time. I have been researching a place called the sell the kits pre-cut to fit all of your grill and all your accesories.

    -if you go to www.houzz.comand search for outdoor kitchens you will find some AWESOME ideas.

    I plan on building grill area this once my pool build, landscapping and speakers are complete (hopefully by next year I will start.. lol)

    - To better help you with placement its probably a good idea to include some photos of your backyard
    - Also add all your info in your signature line like mine see below.

    Hope this aids in your decision.

    P.S. Get the searing station. Ive seen one in action and it is incredible. steakhouse taste in your backyard
    Last edited by rodog123; 05-21-2014 at 05:24 PM. Reason: searing station get one!
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    Re: Newbie and 1st BBQ Island Build

    I will take a stab at few of these:

    1) Hard to say without pics, but I would think square with the wall
    2) Just bolt to bottom. By the time you are done it will weigh enough that it won't be going anywhere
    3) I just used a cheap metal chop saw blade. Those are the ones that look like a big circular piece of sandpaper. Worked great and about $8
    4) Most just anchor metal 'L' shaped angles into the the wall and overhang. I think mine were about 12"x12".
    5) Not sure I understand this one, but my counters were about 36" high and my bars were about 42" high
    6) There are plenty of pics on this forum and BBQ Source forum that were very helpful to me
    7) Not sure I understand
    8) I have seen the Palapa style covers before. I think they sell them in kits but are pricey. I went with an integrated pergola
    9) This forum or BBQ Source forum is all I used
    10) Not sure

    Good luck!

    16x32 IG vinyl, 19,000 gal, 1.0 hp pump, sand filter, 2 returns, 1 skimmer, diving board, slide

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    Re: Newbie and 1st BBQ Island Build

    Thanks for your reply! I have another post I need some help with if you could take a look when you get a chance regarding countertops ... also - is it necessary to tape and thinset the bottom durock panels ?


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    Re: Newbie and 1st BBQ Island Build

    I am looking at having a large bbq island. I like the u shapped and have looked at bbq coach. Their forms will add up to 3000 just for the frames and it still needs finishing/ counter tops and grill refrigerator, sink,etc.
    What is the most inexpensive way to build one? Somewhat handy.... I live in fl if anyone knows of a place that is reasonable.
    I saw one with 2 sets for about 7500 with everything included but thought that was high
    Thanks bbq mom

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    Re: Newbie and 1st BBQ Island Build

    Hi -
    I am building my own and not sure if you want to do that or not. The frames are quite labor intensive but I enjoy building stuff. My modules are kind of based on the BBQ coach system. Getting ready to post first pics and document build thus far. I expect to complete mine for around $1500 which is higher than originally thought as I had no idea how much the stainless doors and drawers are !! The retail completed islands are quite expensive as are the costs to have one made.

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