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Thread: Dark Green to teal SLAM process plateauing

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    Dark Green to teal SLAM process plateauing

    SLAM Process started 5/14 pump running 24/7. In the early days it seemed like I was well on my way but it hasn't been improving for that past few days. I was using a skimmer sock for a day or two but have since removed it as I believe it was limiting my flow rate too significantly. I've back washed a few times, and my PSI on the filter has been reading around 11. I'm just looking for some reassurance that I'm going the right route.

    You guys have been great!

    5/18 Evening test numbers and picture.
    FC: 26
    cc: less than .5
    PH: 8.0 + (higher than test kit shows)
    TA: 120
    CH: 160
    CYA: 0 (I never get a number to register with my k-2006)

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    Re: Dark Green to teal SLAM process plateauing

    Re-read the SLAM should backwash when the psi increases by about 25% from it's clean pressure.

    Zero CYA? That causes a lot of chlorine loss. You should bring your CYA up to around 30 ppm and then keep your SLAM FC at around 12 ppm
    Dave S.
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    Re: Dark Green to teal SLAM process plateauing

    What he said ^^

    You're losing CYA FC to the sun. You should get to about 30, which puts SLAM level at 12. Use the sock method to add it. If you pour it in the skimmer, you might lose it all when you need to backwash, or worse. If you scatter it, it could leave freckles on the floor because it's acidic. Sock method:

    As an aside, the pH test is useless above 10 FC. I'd save my reagents and only test FC & CC until the SLAM is done. The CYA will take a week or so to register on the test, and hopefully the water will be clear and you'll be testing everything again then, so don;t bother. Just assume that whatever amount you added is in there.
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    Re: Dark Green to teal SLAM process plateauing

    Typo in Richard's post above: I'm pretty positive that first sentence should read, "You're losing FC to the sun. " (not CYA)
    Just jumping in to hopefully avoid unintentional confusion!

    Richard, thwack me if I'm wrong. lol

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