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Thread: Bumping Often with a new filter - Help!

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    Angry Bumping Often with a new filter - Help!

    Hi All,
    First time posting here.
    I bought a home last year and inherited with the home a very poorly neglected pool. We changed the liner to find out the pump was totally corroded. We changed the motor to find out the housing was damaged. We changed the housing to find out the filter was in bad shape. We changed the filter and have a new problem:

    I bought a HAYWARD DE PERFLEX D.E. FILTER EC40 for the 24' foot above ground pool with a Hayward Superpump for a in-ground pool. Basically, I replaced the pump and the filter with what was already in the system when I moved in. I didn't upgrade--I just replaced.

    Now, when I set up the filter, I'm quite sure I measured the initial psi at around 14. Once I put DE in and had it running for some time, it shot up to around 28. The pool guy I was buying stuff from told me to shut it off right away. He came over, checked it out, and said everything seemed to be in order since there was strong pressure coming out of the eye. So we flipped it back on and let it go.

    When I turn it on, it starts off at about 28 psi with strong flow. After an hour or so, it was at about 34 psi with almost no flow whatsoever. So I was bumping it hourly. The pool guy and I thought to clean it out totally and refill the de (again, after just a week of running).

    Yesterday, I took it apart, cleaned it, and washed out all the gunk (of which, there was a lot in a week's time). I hooked it back up, put the DE in, and it's back at about 28 psi. It stays at 28 for a bit longer, but I still seem to have to bump it four or five times a day to keep the pressure at 28 and the flow strong.

    It does not seem normal to bump so often, does it? I don't know what to do. I only put a pound or so of DE in, even though the filter's instructions call for 4 pounds. The pool guy thought I put too much initially. I just don't know what to do. Not only am I pool newbie, but this seems to be an advanced problem that my local pool store operator can't figure out either.

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    Re: Bumping Often with a new filter - Help!

    Welcome to TFP!

    This is completely normal if the water is dirty/filled with algae. Even water that looks clean but which hasn't been filtered for a few months can do this for a little while, though in that case I would expect it to have calmed down by now.
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    Re: Bumping Often with a new filter - Help!

    What does your water look like? Do you have a set of current test results you could post?
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    Re: Bumping Often with a new filter - Help!


    Is the water green and/or murky? If so, you've given a pretty good testimonial to the efficiency of that filter! To be clear, it still starts at 14 after a cleaning?

    If the pool looks yucky and you're not treating the water ("shocking," to use the pool-store lingo you're probably familiar with; we call it a SLAM) then the algae still in the pool is still reproducing and you're just creating more load for that filter. You need to start killing it.
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