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Thread: SWG cell on it's last legs?

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    SWG cell on it's last legs?

    My pool is about 2 years old. I don't believe the SWG cell was ever calibrated as my local pool store consistently showed lower salt levels than was reported by my equipment.
    The equipment typically showed 3700ppm. The pool store (using test strips) showed 3200ppm and always recommend I add salt (which I have not been doing).

    In the past few weeks; I noticed the SWG report 4200ppm. It's displaying this as a fault as the optimal levels are 3000 - 3500 for this equipment.
    So I had it tested again at the pool store - still 3200ppm. I bought a Taylor K-1766 which does show 4200ppm. I've cleaned the cell several times according to the manufacturer instructions (1:10 muriatic/water for 5 mins).

    The cell has since reverted back to 3700ppm and does produce Cl effectively. It does continue to fluctuate from time to time (maybe more often than that as I'm not watching it for 9 hours a day).

    I'm guessing I need to
    1) Clean the sensor
    2) Calibrate to what the K1766 test is showing
    3) Drain and refill

    Of course the pool store remains adamant that I should add salt at this time . He also suggested that the fluctuating readings from the cell suggest it's near its' end of life.

    Tests a few hours ago show:
    pH = 7.4
    FC = 4.0
    CC = 0
    TA = 70
    CH = 450-500 (I can't get a clean reading on this despite several tries. Using TF-100, the solution turns violet/purple rather than blue)
    CYA = 45

    Water temp ~ 80. Air has been up around 100F the past week or so.

    Any advice appreciated. Is the cell on it's last legs or do I simply need to adjust my chemistry according to what science (K-1766) is telling me.
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    SWG cell on it's last legs?

    I'll defer the general questions about your SWG to somebody with more knowledge than I, but would like to make a suggestion on your water chemistry. For your SWG you want to have your CYA level in the 70-80 ppm range to get more FC protection from the sun. 😎
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    Re: SWG cell on it's last legs?

    Your SWG is fine, it is your pool store that is having a problem. If the SWG reads a dramatically lower salt level than the Taylor salt test kit, then you might have a problem. But nothing you describe suggests anything wrong. It is completely normal for the SWG salt reading to vary a fair bit over time, even if the salt level doesn't change.
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