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Thread: Jandy Pro Nicheless LED

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    Jandy Pro Nicheless LED

    I am hoping to find someone out there that has installed these.

    I am replacing my 4 failed Nexxus Melody LEDs with the Jandy Pro units (JLUC10). This is the first time I actually had them in my hands to take a detailed look at them and the instructions. First the instructions say to leave 14" slack at the pool for winterization but they don't provide any other winterization instructions. Next I can't even imagine how to shove 14" of slack back into the 1.5" conduit - the cord itself is pretty stiff and will not naturally fold back on itself in the conduit. Am I supposed to fold it myself (which will triple the thickness) and try to tuck in? Then looking at the assembly, there is no gasket seal between the LED light assembly and the adapter that screws into the pool wall. This means that water will flow back into the conduit. I am OK with the water in the conduit except that it is then subject to freezing. The Nexxus units had O-rings as gaskets and seem to work pretty good.

    I can see where an O-ring might be placed on the face of the adapter but I am not sure this would actually work. And I would have to find one the right diameter and thickness. I actually would think that a waterfilled conduit would better dissipate any heat generated by these lights. In posts, that seemed to be the favored failure mode of the Nexxus units.

    I have sent in a support request to Zodiac Pool Systems but thought I would ask on this forum.

    At the moment, I am thinking I will pull them out at the end of the season and somehow blow the conduits out.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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    Re: Jandy Pro Nicheless LED

    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

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    Re: Jandy Pro Nicheless LED

    So below is IMO an unsatisfactory answer from Zodiac, the manufacturer. I appreciate the skill of some pool professionals, but they are working off of the same document I have and the document is simply not complete. Alarmingly in the numbered steps for the install , they have you power up the transformer (step 6) then connect the lights (step 7). Maybe I am over-reacting, but you'd think they would provide something better than this...

    Good morning,

    I'm afraid I cannot help with the installation nor the winterizing of your pool's equipment. This must be done by a pool professional. If you'll note the front cover of the owner's manual it states there that a licensed and qualified contractor must install and service the equipment. You'll want to have a professional come out to install and service your light or the warranty will be rendered void.
    If you do not currently have a pool professional you can find a local service company in your area, click on the link below. Simply filter by zip code, then “Servicers.” Have a great day.

    Denyce Gegan

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    Re: Jandy Pro Nicheless LED

    Electrical code requires that the light have enough spare cable to be able to raise the light onto the deck for repairs.

    It is normal to have water in the conduit. You drain below the lights if you need to winterize.

    There are a number of special rules for the installation of underwater pool lights. It is a really good idea to have a licensed electrician who is familiar with all of the rules do the install.
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    Re: Jandy Pro Nicheless LED

    Thanks Jason.

    My original pool builder did not have this extra length for my original Nexxus LEDs and Jandy's required 14" will not be sufficient to get it up on the deck. Also, these are nicheless LED lights that have no replaceable/repairable parts. The Nexxus assembly had gaskets to prevent water from entering the solid conduit. My pool builder never drained below the Nexxus lights when he winterized and I specifically asked about that.

    Based on your advice and my observation of the Jandy nicheless assembly, I will assume that it does allow water into the solid conduit and winterize accordingly. Perhaps the 14" is to allow the light to be removed for drainage during winterization. Though there is no gasket, it is still a snug fit against the adapter plate.

    Thanks again.

    1973 23,000g Sylvan Kidney
    Plaster with Aqua Bright (EcoFinish)
    Hayward DE4820 Filter, 1 HP Hayward SuperPump
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