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Thread: Cloudy pool

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    Cloudy pool

    Alright, have a cloudy pool... Pool was "closed" by loading up the skimmers with bioguard smart tabs anywho, pulled cover off to find green as expected...

    First test after 3 gal of 12.5% in 29,000 gal vinyl pool and followed by 4 gal the next day...
    FC: 16
    CC I think was 1
    Ph: 7.7ish
    Cya: 50-60
    CH: 150
    TA: 90

    Added a gal to bump FC to about 20 per cya chart
    Added what was left of lo n slo for ph
    Tested later but didn't save them
    Added 2 more gal to bump FC to around 24

    Tested tonight after several days....
    FC: 6.5
    CC: 0
    Ph 7.4ish
    CH 200

    I will say I'm surprised at how low CH is considering the pool has lived on granular chlorine, cal hypo and smart tabs. The pool is still very cloudy, can't quite see main drain in 8ft deep end. Water temp not checked yet but estimated around 50-55 degrees. Thoughts and opinions?

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    Re: Cloudy pool

    How has your filter pressure been behaving? Have you been the filter? What kind of filter do you have?
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    Cloudy pool

    Looks to me like you started a SLAM and didn't follow thru with it.
    Take sometime to review the SLAM process and follow it to the T. SLAM Process
    Your finished when
    1 Your water is crystal clear.
    2 You have CC of 0.5 or less.
    3 You can pass the OCLT. OCLT Test
    May I ask what test kit you are using ? If you could add all your pool and equipment info to your sig that will help us help you better. 😎
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    Re: Cloudy pool

    Filter is a large pentair cartridge filter, pressures normal, no spike in pressures like I fought with the cal hypo. I have cleaned it once and probably need to clean it again, but it's a pita. I'm using the tf100 kit with speedstir. I take care of 3 pools for friends, this one and another one I'm trying the tfp method. The oclt test could be tricky...

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    Re: Cloudy pool

    Did you vacuum? is there any debris at the bottom that could be consuming chlorine? It's not going to clear if you can't hold shock level... letting it drop down in between visits won't clear mentioned "several days". Has anyone been adding chlorine on the days you weren't there?
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    Re: Cloudy pool

    SLAM'ing is Shock Level And Maintain. You're not maintaining and it's not going to clear from the cloudy stage but start to turn green again.
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    Re: Cloudy pool

    Okay, so 50 some gallon of 12.5% in and I decided to break out the pond test kit and check for ammonia.... Bright yellow... Somewhere around .25 or so... Do I just need to keep chlorinating the daylights out of it then?

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