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Thread: couple quick questions

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    couple quick questions

    my wife and i bought our house back in nov and it came with a lovely inground pool and we are completely clueless as to what to do to maintain it correctly, haha.
    ive been reading through pool school and noticed we were already "kinda" in line with the BBB method, we just havent been able to be exact in anything because we were using one of those basic chlorine/PH only tests.
    i do not have any of the required test values for you guys yet, i am ordering the TF-100 this weekend from tfkits so until then, i have nothing more than a very vague reading from my current kit.

    chemical wise, i have been using liquid chlorine and muriatic only so far.
    my PH sticks around 7.8 to above 8 and keeps rising back up, no idea why.
    my chlorine dies off rather quickly, even during my shocking....ive used upwards of 10gallons and the following day the wonderful yellow scale in my tester went from bright hunter's vest orange to barely visible straw.

    i know, you guys cant help me out here much yet, but i do have a couple Qs in the meantime, until i get my test kit in.
    first off, the pool used to use a SWG, the PO said the mainboard died sometime last year and replacing it was just too much money, and i agree at like 800bucks or whatever. so, of course the salt content is still high, is this beneficial or a detriment?
    second, since we have been blasting through liquid chlorine in our shocking i have started to notice a fine layer of white dust or something at the bottom of the pool when i sweep it to stir up the current remaining, living algea pockets. what could this be? its only in the deep end and i assumed it was either dirt (i live on 10 acres and the pool is open and exposed to the woods, yard, dogs, etc) or possible dead algea or something? i have been trying to keep on top of cleaning the filter every couple days, i was doing it daily at first but after some time dropped down to 3-4 days due to it not being dirty at 1 day anymore....well enough to warrant the time it takes to spray it off.

    chemicals we are using currently -
    my local hardware store sells LC at 12% i believe...2.5 gallon containers at 4 bucks a pop, sounds like a good deal to me.
    muriatic, though i am holding off now because if i understand right, the PH will bounce all over the place until we get the pool stable anyway, correct?
    i just did purchase 4 of the small trichlor tabs to add in a small amount of CYA over time to see if maybe my chlorine will stop vanishing over night. this could be a terrible idea, idk.

    anyway, im all ears, i know nothing about this stuff other than what i think i might understand from the pool school.
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    Re: couple quick questions

    Welcome to TFP!!!!

    You made a good investment with the kit you are going to order. How does the water look? You may consider the XL option if you have any algae. And the SpeedStir is a great add-on as well.

    You could likely get an entirely new SWG for $800, so that does not sound right for a board only. The salt in the pool is fine and will not cause any issues.

    The white stuff sounds like it could just be dead algae.

    Sounds like you found a good source of liquid chlorine.

    Hard to advise on anything else until you get some test results. The pH should not bounce all over, but the test is not valid if your FC > 10ppm ... which you do not know at this point.
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    Re: couple quick questions

    Until you know what your CYA is, it's difficult to determine what all you need to do, but if your FC is going quickly I think your CYA is probably very low. As to the SWG, depending on the make and model, it may be just an inexpensive DIY repair. Here's a link to see a good example of how to add CYA: Should be a good example of how to add CYA. Each sock holds approx 2 lb.s I put a little more in the far sock and had to go swimming to get the brick off the bottom just squeeze it now and then to help it dissolve quickly. Been two hrs now and both are almost completely dissolved.
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