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Thread: Stenner Maintenance

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    Stenner Maintenance

    Just wanted to give a quick heads up to all members that use Stenner pumps. I have had mine installed for a little over a year now with no issues, in fact, it has allowed me to get a little lazy (especially in the winter) in testing my pool as I can usually just look at it and see that it is nice and clear and I have to just check the pH every few days as it slowly drifts up.

    This past friday, our neighbor had a tree cut down that put quite a bit of sawdust in our pool - I noticed on Saturday that the pool water was not as clear as usual so I pulled out the test kit. I noticed that my Chlorine levels had dropped down to 0.5ppm, so I went to manually turn on the Stenner (normally programmed to run in the evening every night) and noticed that it was not pumping any Chlorine.

    After looking at the inlet and outlet hoses and making sure that it was not plugged, I took the tube out and noticed that I had a crack in the tubing which was preventing the pump from pulling a suction on the Chlorine.

    I had to order replacement tubes and should have them in this week, but for everyone else, it might not be a bad idea to have 1 spare tube on hand in case yours gets a hole in it.

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    Re: Stenner Maintenance

    Good advise to follow and may I add, keep an extra injector on hand with that tube. Never know when one will fail/break. Both are cheap insurance for sure.

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    Re: Stenner Maintenance

    Just finished tuning up my Stenner pump and I totally agree. After one season of use (5months), I've had to replace the pump tube and clean the tube housing. It was filled with flakes of tubing and roller debris and who knows what else. I had to disassemble the roller assembly as there was an over abundance of lube applied that prevented the rollers from turning, thus shortening the life of the tube itself. And I was surprised at how much WS (white stuff) was on the duckbill and on the injector fitting. It's easy to think of it as a Ron Popeil device (set it & forget it!), but that is far from the truth. And the replacement parts are not cheap, but in the long run are well worth the expense. Just ordered 2 more tubes with duckbills. It appears that for a season of use the norm would be 1 duckbill and 1 pump tube with a thorough cleaning.
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