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Thread: First Time opening my Pool

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    First Time opening my Pool

    ok so this is the first time I've ever opened a pool. I have a 30' round above ground SWG pool with 52" sides. Started Friday. Pool was green with some debris.

    tested Ph first it was 8 or above so added about 1 liter of muratic Acid, dropped to 7.2.
    CYA was 45
    TA 100
    FC zero
    Salt from test strip said 1900. Not sure if this is accurate, i added 3 20kg bags.

    added 4 jugs of 10.3% liquid chlorine. FC went up to 35, higher than i thought. I guess i only needed about 2.5 jugs. Anyhow had pump running, brushed and vacuumed the sides, skimmed. that was all yesterday. Today pool is much clearer, though not done. FC was 22ppm and CC .5. When i get home i will check chlorine again make sure it is around 22ppm still add chlorine if needed to get to 22ppm. Clean filter. Brush sides and vacuum again.

    So when do i stop shocking and just leave chlorine and turn on SWG? Should i then add CYA to bring closer to 70ppm? check pH, TA again, make sure they are in correct levels?

    Then i was thinking of adding Borates to bring to 50ppm?

    Thoughs? Comments?
    Located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada
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    Re: First Time opening my Pool

    You stop the SLAM (We don't use that other S word around here) when these three things all happen at the same time:
    1) the water is clear. That includes no algae clinging to the walls, no debris on the floor.
    2) You lose less than 1 ppm FC overnight
    3) CC is .5 or less.
    It's all in the SLAM article.

    When the SLAM is done, allow the FC to drop below 10, then run all the tests. Adjust pH and TA as needed. Add salt of needed. Raise CYA and turn on the SWG.

    Borates are totally optional, and I would suggest waiting until you've got a good handle on testing and dosing and everything else is running smoothly. It's just one more parameter to juggle, and you don't need to confuse things this early in the season.
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    Re: First Time opening my Pool

    Completely 100% agree with Richard.

    Get to know your pool first before adding borates. I've been here for 7 years now and just recently added borates to my pool.
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