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Thread: Low Alkalinity, Low PH

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    Low Alkalinity, Low PH

    Hi all, I'm new to the TFP method. This is only the second year of my owning an 18x34 Doughboy (approx. 20,000 gal). Had the pool store come out and open it this week since I wasn't sure how to handle the deep end drain pipe.

    I was impressed with how clear the water was. Yesterday when i tested the water, the ph was low, and I mean really low like off the low end of the color charts low (all I have at the moment to test the water are 6 way test strips). All other indicators looked good. I had some left over ph increaser from last summer and added that to the pool yesterday.

    After letting the pump run all night, I tested this morning and not only was the ph was still way low, but now it also looks like alkalinity has tanked as well.

    I'm still waiting on my TF-100 test kit. Once I get my REAL test kit I will be able to post appropriate numbers but for now was hoping to just get the ph and alkalinity somewhere close to acceptable ranges. I was planning a trip to Costco to pick up copious amounts of baking soda.

    As I understand it I may need to add upwards of 9 pounds of the stuff to right the pool, but I thought this sounded a bit much and was wondering if anyone else had suggestions on how to handle this.

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    Re: Low Alkalinity, Low PH

    Welcome to TFP, and congratulations on taking the proper first steps to manage your pool.

    Since you have a vinyl pool, the urgency to add something to bump up the pH and TA is not as great. My advice is not add a bunch of stuff until you really know what's going on. Those strips may be very wrong, especially if your pH and TA changed to something lower after adding the pH increaser.

    Please add your pool details to your sig line. This will allow us to help you much better, and much more quickly. If I may suggest, spend some time in Pool School, and begin with the ABC's. You can click the links in my Sig line for that.
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    Re: Low Alkalinity, Low PH

    ^^Agree. In the meantime, can you put all of your pool info in your signature? It will help us at a glace know what you've got.
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    Re: Low Alkalinity, Low PH

    I'm still waiting on my TF-100 test kit
    Please PM me if you ordered the kit prior to Thursday, 5/8.14
    Dave S.
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