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Thread: Opening for the summer - first test - Already off to a bad start

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    Opening for the summer - first test - Already off to a bad start

    Hello everyone!

    Looking forward to finally understanding pool maintenance this summer, but my first test is proving to be frustrating.

    All last year i wrestled with crazy high CYA levels around 120 or so. Consequently I was never able to really dive in to the fantastic advice i see around here because of that constant looming CYA problem.
    This year i was looking forward to starting off on the right foot.
    My mom had the pool opened this week, had some guy come out and i wasn't here to see what he did to it (or stop HIM!!). She said he said he "shocked it."
    After using my test kit today, here's what i find...

    FC 26
    CC 0
    TA 180
    CH 360
    CYA 100
    PH More than 8.2

    Well, at least my CYA is lower than last year. But still. FACEPALM!
    The pool calculator prescribes changing out around 60% of my water before i can really start to get to work this year.

    My mom is the main barrier to emptying the pool.
    She's either worried about the pool floating up out of the ground, or wasting water... i'm unclear.
    Her house, her pool. I am essentially the pool boy with no power.
    I'm not saying that to whine, I'm merely painting you a picture, and looking for solid arguments to convince her.

    So i have two questions:

    1. How would you convince your mothers to drain their pool?

    2. I bought this test kit (on your advice) last summer.
    Should i replace the kit every year? If so, how off do you think these numbers could be?

    Thanks for your time.
    I'm looking forward to working with all you folks again - even as i'm pulling my hair out over these numbers!
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    Re: Opening for the summer - first test - Already off to a bad start

    If stored carefully (cool and dark, but not freezing) the kit should last for about two years.

    I wouldn't completely drain the pool. If CYA is really 100, then a 30% water replacement should get you most of the way and make things much more manageable.

    Get the PH down to 7.2 as soon as practical. With PH & TA that high you are at risk for calcium scaling.
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    Re: Opening for the summer - first test - Already off to a bad start

    I'd definitely let the FC fall down and do a partial drain/refill. It doesn't have to be half, just a ft so you can tell Mom that you don't want to float her pool. Let her see you know what you're talking about. She could be more receptive. Once your FC drops off, check it and make sure it's really not that high. If it is, get it down to 7.2 with MA by using POOL MATH. Maybe you can convince her to get rid of the pool guy and give you a chance to make it look all sparkly!
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    Re: Opening for the summer - first test - Already off to a bad start

    Kind of funny that this post including that you are pool boy for mom and she doesn't seem to trust you occurs on Morher's day weekend. I'd say you need to get that CYA down by draining as recommended. Show her this thread and get her a Mother's Day gift.
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