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Thread: Backwashing sand filters

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    Backwashing sand filters


    I'd like to know how often I need to backwash my sand filter. Is there any set amount of time, i.e. every two weeks, once a month, etc., that it should be done or should it be based on how the filter is working.

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    Re: Backwashing sand filters

    Totally depends on the pool/environment/season.

    A good rule of thumb is to note the PSI on your pressure gauge after you've backwashed. You'll want to backwash again when you see it has risen about 7-10 PSI.

    It usually is roughly once every month, but it can fluctuate wildly depending on how much dust/debris end up in the pool, size of the filter, etc.

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    Re: Backwashing sand filters

    Welcome to TFP!!

    A good read of Pool School will help with many of the basic questions on pool ownership. In particular this article talks about cleaning filters. I've always heard that a filter should be cleaned when the psi rises 8 - 10 lbs, however there is nothing wrong with cleaning more often (though with a sand filter, letting the sand get a little dirty improves filtration ! If you want to do a monthly backwashing, that's fine - just don't let the calendar be the sole determinant of when you backwash - you still need to keep an eye on the pressure gauge and backwash if the pressure gets too high, lest you do some damage to the system.

    Welcome to the forum, Dean - give pool school a good read and please make up a sig to include in all your posts.
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