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Thread: Want to hard plumb my backwash hose

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    Want to hard plumb my backwash hose

    Hey All,

    I am sure I am not the only one to ever think how nice it would be to not have to unroll / Re-roll that backwash hose and hard plumb a setup to the discharge location... That being said, I have read that the backwash line should have no 90 degree angles in it.. That kind of quashes my plan.. My sand filter is inside an unfinished pool house and I need to turn the flow out the back wall, essentially 90 degrees at some point.. Is it that important to not have 90's? Will it cause too much back pressure at the filter? I have a 60-80GPM pump into a filter made for 50GPM.. Already a less than ideal setup.. Or is it more dependent on the distance the 90 gets placed away from the filter? Is it possible to do what I want to do? The pool house has the ability to occupy a straight run of 5-6' before a turn would "have" to be made... Or can I put the 90 towards the ground and then another 90 out the back wall? Would the gravity offset the back pressure I am assuming would occur??

    Hope this is as clear as my water! Thx.

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    Re: Want to hard plumb my backwash hose

    I have never heard that about the backwash line having turns. Mine currently has 2 with no issues. Previous house did as well and even reduced pipe diameter to fit through the fence.
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    Re: Want to hard plumb my backwash hose

    One "gotcha" I encountered may be of concern:
    From the deep end of the pool to the street is close to 100' - straight line - and that would require running a flimsy hose through the house. I decided to run it into the nearest toilet and feed 2-3 of hose into the toilet's trap. It worked!
    So I created a 1 1/2 PVC line to add some assurance that the indoors, even the little bit, would stray dry.
    The gotcha was that the co-efficiency of friction on the PVC was MUCH greater than on the hose - the little sump pump would push it through the route in tube, but not in PVC.
    Imagine lining the hose with course sandpaper and trying again.
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    Re: Want to hard plumb my backwash hose

    I have read that the backwash line should have no 90 degree angles in it.
    I hope you did not read that on this forum cause it's bogus.
    Dave S.
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    Re: Want to hard plumb my backwash hose

    One or two 90's should not be an issue. If there is some concern about it, you can use 2 45's or 4 22.5's to do the same turn more gradual. Another option would be to size the pipe up one or two sizes.

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