I have left over from our pool build last year these items, I have them on craigslist. The ladder is reasonable to ship, however the railing, I guess because of the size of the box is prohibitively expensive ($100-$150). Let me know if you are interested, would ideally be someone local


I have left over from pool build last year, 1- ladder and 1- hand rail. I just took the items out of the boxes to photo, otherwise been boxed and under covered porch.

* Also included are the anchors and escutcheon plates

Both items are stainless steel and for Inground pools

Ladder (S.R. Smith Economy Ladder VLLS-103E)- $150, less than Amazon or pool stores

Railing (S.R. Smith Deck mounted stair rail DMS101A)*- $125, less than Amazon or pool stores

* The box is from SR Smith, there is no SKU on it, I can only make an educated guess this is the same item, this is from their website