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Thread: Iron removed or just disguised by agent

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    Iron removed or just disguised by agent

    New owner of new pool, florida gem surface, builders following a startup procedure to protect new surface as in what I have read here in TFP

    I have well water-clear water iron at 1 ppm, from well head and at faucet after water softener for hardness, water softene does not remove iron. Tested by county

    So they put in sequestering agent on start-up of new build, for the iron. Jack's Magic I believe. I have a new Pentair DE Filter.

    Today the store they use tested my pool water, the iron content was now .03% Now that's low, almost none existent.

    So my question, did the sequestering agent bind the iron so the DE filter filtered it out, or did the agent just bind the iron molecules together in suspension so they were masked and the test shows low iron, but the iron is still there. Which means as the agent begins to dissipate, the iron will show back up. Or is it really gone?

    From what and (all) I have read, you can't filter out ferrous iron.

    So what is the correct answer?

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    Re: Iron removed or just disguised by agent

    Yeah, it's still there. Sequestering agents only sequester....they do not remove any iron.
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    Re: Iron removed or just disguised by agent

    Sequestering agents sort of isolate the iron. If iron is chocolate, then Jack's Magic is the hard candy shell on your M&M's. As long as the shell is there, you don't see any chocolate in your pool. Once it dissolves, you have a melting chocolate mess.

    There's some sort of reaction we see here from time to time when a large dose of chlorine causes the iron to precipitate and tints the water. People have actually filtered out the rust by piling paper towels inside the skimmer basket. With a new pristine surface, I wouldn't experiment with it myself. I'd just keep adding the maintenance dose of Jack's Magic. And I'd start online shopping for the best price. Look for coupon codes, free shipping, whatever.
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