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Thread: How do I chlorinate for vacation?

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    How do I chlorinate for vacation?

    Ok. Pool has been open for several weeks. All the numbers are within range.
    Last test:
    FC 6
    CC 0
    Alk 90
    CYA 50
    pH 7.4

    I am going on vacation for 8 days. What is the best method to use to chlorinate the pool? I thought about using 3" tabs in my chlorinator on low to med. Any thoughts? I know this will bring the CYA up a little bit. My pool gets a lot of sun. If I use the tabs, how many would be sufficient for 8 days?
    Thanks in advance for your replies.
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    Re: How do I chlorinate for vacation?

    Any close neighbors or friends that can dose it up for you a bit while gone? If not, take it to slam level for your cya and put in a floater full of pucks. Covering will also help.
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    Re: How do I chlorinate for vacation?

    Back when I used a floater, I could get 5, 3 inch pucks, into it. They would last about 7-8 days on a medium (half) opening. Check your weather forecast for that week just before you leave and adjust your opening for that. Pack it full and drop it in the water as you walk out the door. If you feel it's not enough, you could always bump your FC a bit the night before you leave to help out, but you should be OK.

    Have fun.

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    Re: How do I chlorinate for vacation?

    Last year, I put 4, maybe 5 tabs in a floater (you probably can get by with fewer) and poured a couple bottles of 8.25% bleach in the pool just before I left. My fc was still 4.0 when I got back 8 days later, and the tabs weren't completely dissolved. Good luck with yours!
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    Re: How do I chlorinate for vacation?

    If your chlorinator is inline - that's the way to go and it won't raise the CYA that much in 8 days. Will the pool be uncovered, on a timer then, or running nonstop? If so then evaporation/water level/power outage are the only issues to worry about, perhaps a neighbor could call and take instruction should any of this come into play... Perhaps fill pool up to top of skimmer before you leave to account for possible evaporation.
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    Re: How do I chlorinate for vacation?

    Bring to SLAM and cover with a solar cover and use pucks in your chlorinator. You should be fine. Good luck and let us know how well the pool faired while you were away.
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    Re: How do I chlorinate for vacation?

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    Re: How do I chlorinate for vacation?

    We have an inline chlorinator -- so I usually add extra water the day before we leave and then I'll bump chlorine (with beach) to the high end of our TFP limit (around 6-7 FC) Then I put around 6-9 pucks in the chlorinator. I run the chlorinator on low while we're away. Usually 4-5 pucks will last 9 days on low and so I always throw in a little extra because our pools gets tons of sun and tons of debris (plant and insect/animal). I will say we keep the CYA on the very LOW level for a vinyl pool -- so I don't worry that much about the pucks.
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    Re: How do I chlorinate for vacation?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pysiek View Post
    That looks interesting. Maybe next year...
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    Re: How do I chlorinate for vacation?

    Quote Originally Posted by Utlmnop View Post
    I will say we keep the CYA on the very LOW level for a vinyl pool -- so I don't worry that much about the pucks.
    I do not follow why the type of pool has any relevance to your CYA level?
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    Re: How do I chlorinate for vacation?

    for 8 days, pucks is your best bet. if we go for just a couple or 3 days, I bring pool to shock level or above and cover, otherwise, Ill have to go buy a puck dispenser.
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