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Thread: Help getting my pool blue again

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    Help getting my pool blue again

    Hi all,

    I have been a member since converting from baquacil several years ago. I have been extremely happy with the ease of caring for my pool using this system. I have never had an algae problem until now. I had a baby in the fall and was not able to take care of the pool and close it over the winter. Now I am trying to get in under control. I fully understand the process, but I am hoping for some suggestions of how to manage the initial cleanup with my limited time, again, due to the baby. I have vacuumed most of the debris out and I am ready to start shocking the pool.

    My big problem is my DE filter. It won't run more than half an hour before the return flow is nothing. I can bump once or twice, but within an hour there is pretty much no flow and I have to change the DE again. I know this is doing what it is supposed to do, but I don't have the time to change the DE more than twice a day. Can I still work on shocking and killing the algae even if I can't keep the filter running? Or am I just wasting the bleach? Will all the algae eventually just die and then I can slowly filter it?

    Are there any suggestions? I have not tested the water yet this year, but I can this evening if you want numbers.

    Thanks for your help!

    Ps. The I ring on the center post that the filter goes over broke. I am having a hard time finding a replacement locally. I have one that is a little too small and one that is a little too big. Not sure how much this will affect my filtering.
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    Re: Help getting my pool blue again

    You should post a complete set of water test results.

    You do need the pump running, but you don't need to filter all the time. When you are not around to clean the filter you can set the system on circulate (assuming you have a rotary multi-port main valve). Then when you are around you can put it back on filter. You have to filter the water at some point to get the dead algae out.
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    Re: Help getting my pool blue again

    Ok, here are my numbers
    FC. 10
    CC. 2.5
    PH. 8.2
    TA. 70
    CYA. 0

    Unfortunately my pump does not have a way to run without the filter.
    18x33 above ground pool, vinyl liner, starbright DE filter, 1.5 HP Dynamo pump

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