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Thread: Dry well pump selection and setup suggestions

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    Dry well pump selection and setup suggestions

    Hi all.

    When our vinyl pool was dug a couple years ago we hit water in the deep end. Not terrible, but we elected to put in a dry well just to be safe, but we never attached a pump to it. When opening the pool a couple days ago, we had some shallow end WALL liner float. I suspect this is due to the 4 inches plus of rain that we had a couple days before. Water was running like a fire hose out of our french drains. We've not had a problem before and we're lucky that the liner settled back into place nicely.

    I'd like to get a pump to have on hand here to help prevent liner float again. I'm looking for suggestions as I am most definitely not a pump expert.

    The pool is freeform, with a 28x50 footprint. Deep end is 8 feet, well is I believe 1-2 feet of gravel below the deep end. There's a flexible pvc pipe that comes out of the gravel and runs to the pool equipment. In all it's about a 10 foot rise, and I would guess that the total length of the pipe is around 25 feet assuming they ran it relatively straight and that it isn't on much of a vertical angle. The pipe is capped with 2 pieces. 1 is a fitting that is glued on that is female threaded. That is capped with a a Hayward SP-1022-C plug, which from what I can tell appears to be a 1 1/2 inch male threaded plug.

    In order to be able to pump out the deep end on demand, I think I will only need:

    1) A pump - I'm looking for a low budget pump, but one that will work, not hurt the pool by sucking the water out too quickly, and preferably not kill me by blowing up.
    What horsepower do I need? Am I looking for a "drywell pump?" Would a used AGP pump work given the right specs if I prime the drain? Hoping to stay well under $200. I've seen many pumps on ebay etc for $99-$130. No idea if they're good enough.

    2) Fittings and hoses/pipes - I'll need fittings to connect to the 1 1/2 inch female screw connector on the pipe to the pump itself. I envision a fitting to convert that cap to a hose that will connect to the pump. I'll also need a waste hose for the exiting water from the pump. I'd appreciate suggestions here too based on the pump(s) that are suggested.

    And a bit off topic: I would love if this pump could also be used come closing time to either blow out or suck out the water from the skimmer and return lines. I've used a shop vac in the past for this with very limited success but have been ok pairing this with antifreeze. If I found a used "mightvac" could that be used as a drywell pump? And are there other suggestions to mightyvac?

    Thanks so much! Love this forum.

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    Re: Dry well pump selection and setup suggestions

    hate to be a pest, but does anyone have any thought on this?
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    Re: Dry well pump selection and setup suggestions

    I'm thinking you should have a sump pit with a sump pump at the bottom. Something like this (which is what I have):

    The way yours is described, I'm wondering if you would have trouble getting the pump to prime.
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    Re: Dry well pump selection and setup suggestions

    Thanks Sargent. I know for sure that there's no pump at the bottom. It's just a perforated pipe in gravel. There's no electric to it, no switches, just basic. I have a MightVac 3/4 hp pump now (for line blow out). I could fill the pipe that comes to the surface using a hose, so prime wouldn't be an issue. THe question is now if a 3/4 mightvac would be too much, too fast to pump the water out.
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    Re: Dry well pump selection and setup suggestions

    I'm sure such a pump is made but most of us are familiar with an 8" drywell pipe that comes vertically from the ground. A submersible pump is lowered into it when necessary and the water is pushed out the top. Pumps love to push but they don't like to pull.

    You need a pump that will pull that water to the surface. That type of pump is not something many of us are familiar with but I think you might get some sticker shock as you search.

    I don't think you will be able to prime by filling the pipe because that water will simply drain back down to the ground water before you can turn on pump.
    Dave S.
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