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Thread: Almost there...

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    Almost there...

    Hi everyone. I started opening our pool about ten days ago. In the fall, I bought a new mesh liner, thinking "hey, this looks perfect, no mess". But I ended up with a BLACK pool. We had a brutal winter in Illinois, as most everyone did and it appears some leaves, twigs etc got under and the mesh liner let the decomposed silt through. Anyway, I'm pretty happy overall as I got it from black as coffee to a very pale seafoam green tint which is relatively clear (I can see the net when I'm running it along the bottom of the pool), but still a bit cloudy. First thing I added was a really big dose of algicide. I have another K-2006 ordered (my old stuff disappeared?) but for the time being relying on strips and my old chemical kit. My pH always runs high every year including this one, so I've been adding reducer every couple of days while shocking the heck out of it every couple of days. I ran my robot sweeper, backwashed a few times and added clarifier once about four days ago. Relying on my test strips for now, it shows no FC. I have seen remarks before about it could be too high and registering zero on the strips but ph is still a bit high so I assumed it was eating it up. The water is shockingly cold (probably 55 degrees), so I know we won't be in for at least two weeks, but I don't want to damage my pool either.

    So, even though I'm thrilled with my progress so far, what else can I try to get a little clearer? Keep shocking, another round of clarifier perhaps? I'm going to town tomorrow so can pick up basics if I need it. Also, if I'm doing repeated shocks like this is algicide still necessary? Not sure if the green is algae or some metal? Oh, I have a 10,000 gal above ground. I'm no expert at all but have been avoiding the pool store, in years past they've told me I need a bunch of really expensive stuff that didn't do any better than the cheap stuff. Thanks for any advice!
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    Re: Almost there...

    Betsy, Have you read Pool School? I notice you've been a member since 2011.

    You do not need algaecide and or clarifiers AT ALL! Only unscented bleach.

    You need to get the test kit in and until then, I would only suggest running your filter 24/7 until you receive it and post up some numbers that are more reliable than test strips. We can't possibly give you concrete advice on how to move forward without it.
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    Re: Almost there...

    As long as you can still test Ph until your kit comes in...get that lowered anyhow. FC is more effective at lower PH levels when you really are able to SLAM it. It is totally inaccurate at FC over 10.
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