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Thread: Plumber or Pool Service technician

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    Plumber or Pool Service technician

    I believe there is a leak in the line(s) that go from the underground pool to the pump. There is a sink hole right along this area & it is getting worse. Water is not presenting above ground, I have artificial grass over the area.
    My question: Would I hire a plumber or pool service technician to help me locate & repair the leak or someone different?
    Appreciate any suggestions so that I can identify & get this repaired quickly.

    Thank you

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    Re: Plumber or Pool Service technician

    Welcome to TFP.

    If it were something I was not comfortable we could tackle as a DIY project, I'd google "leak detection services." Many companies that specialize in that. I would think that would cover plumbing and pool plumbing.
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    Re: Plumber or Pool Service technician

    If you have a sink hole area, I'd take a shot at digging it out and see if you can locate the leak yourself. Might be able to save yourself a few hundred dollars. Last time I had a leak detector company out (I'm in Inland Empire as well) I paid $250 to locate a house leak under my slab.

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    Re: Plumber or Pool Service technician

    You don't say if you are losing water in the pool. If not and you don't have an auto fill, then I wouldn't think the leak is from the pool.
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    Re: Plumber or Pool Service technician

    on the line from the pool to the pump, is called the suction line. It would have to be a significant leak for water to come to the surface.
    Usually a suction line leak yields several symptoms. Following are the two primary ones.
    Pump not priming
    Lots of bubbles in the pump basket

    is either of these the case?

    How long has the pool been built? If not long, it may just be significant settling of the dirt that was dug out during the build.
    ARe you loosing lots of water in the pool not due to evaporation?
    Have you done a bucket test to see how much its leaking out each day?

    If there are no symptoms of the suction line leaking, and you are indeed loosing water, it could be a return line.
    If your retuns have valves on them that allow you to isolate each return, you can experiment by closing the valve on one return and do a bucket test for a day. If still loosing water, open that valve back up and close the next one and repeat. When you have stopped loosing water via the bucket test, then you have found your leak on a return.
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