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Thread: Needing to Backwash more frequently after intake/return plumbing upgrade

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    Needing to Backwash more frequently after intake/return plumbing upgrade

    Hey all, I have a sand filter question. (all my info is in my signature) the filter holds 100# of sand.

    I recently changed from intex fittings/plunger valves to hayward fittings. I know I have better flow than I used to have and I think my filter may be filtering better because of it.

    What I have noticed though is that I feel like I am having to backwash pretty often. Right now my pool has a leaf net on it so there is nothing really big getting in there on a daily basis.

    I have been vacuuming with my new pool blaster max vacuum so no vacuum junk is going through the filter.

    In the past I hardly ever had to backwash. I usually only did it if I vacuumed.

    Before my plumbing changes my clean pressure was 10psi and I would backwash at 12 or so.

    My new clean pressure seems to be between 11 and 12. (I'm going to call it 12)

    I backwashed on Saturday because the pressure was up again to around 16/17.

    It went back to just under 12 after the backwash until this morning when I checked it and noticed it's back up 13.

    I guess what I'm wondering is, based on the size of my pool and filter and the fact that nothing large is getting in there, how often should I have to backwash my filter? (oh yeah, my pump is still running 24/7 because I don't have a timer)

    When I backwash I usually go for about 1 -1.5 minutes backwash then about 30 seconds rinse. For the first 30 seconds at the most the water is a little dirty looking and for the rest of the time it's clean.

    If my filter is in need of a deep cleaning would that cause the pressure to rise more quickly between backwashes? I don't think I have ever deep cleaned it.

    I'm willing (but scared) to take it apart for the deep cleaning but I was wondering if that affects the time between backwashes or just the effectiveness of the filter itself. It seems to be doing a great job and the pool is crystal clear. I have been vacuuming it every few days with the pool blaster because it's fun. lol

    Thanks for any help or input you can offer!
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    Re: Needing to Backwash more frequently after intake/return plumbing upgrade

    Sounds like your filter is working great. You're problem is how much water you're asking the filter to clean. A smaller pump, or a 2-speed pump running on low would let you go longer between backwashes. Likewise, a timer and running the pump less often would let you go longer between backwashes. A bigger filter would also allow you to go longer between backwashes but your current one is fine for your pool size. I wouldn't do a deep clean unless there is a problem that calls for it and I don't think your situation calls for it.
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