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Thread: Wow! So much information!

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    Wow! So much information!

    Wow! So much information. I just looked at the videos on how to use the test kit and that was helpful but the whole thing is really so overwhelming. Is there one page/article that just explains it all without having to go to multiple places to read multiple articles and then try to figure out how they all inter-relate? I'm looking for a step by step guide, i.e.: Step 1 Test XYZ. It should be at this level. If it's too high, do this. If it's too low do this....
    And, do I make those changes before or after testing for this, that and the other? I've even looked for someone in my local community that I can pay to come out here and give me the quick run down but have not had such luck. Is there "Pool Care for Idiots" kind of guide out there?
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    Re: Wow! So much information!

    Sadly, there is not a simple flow chart. There are so many variables, it would end up being hugely confusing. What if the CH level is too high? Drain? Maybe not, not if the fill water is also high, or you're under water restrictions. And different chemicals interplay with each other. IS pH too low? PoolMath says add Borax or Soda Ash. But wait... TA is way high, so aeration will raise pH with no additives needed. See?

    But you have plenty of people who have the answers here, if it's too confusing. If you scroll waaay down on PoolMath, there is a section labelled Effects of Adding Chemicals. That will show you any unwelcome side effects.

    Once you start doing, it will click and make sense. Sort of like the lab exercises in school.

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    Re: Wow! So much information!

    Asking questions is a great way to get advice tailored for your specific situation. A little reading at Pool School first can help you ask more effective questions, even if it doesn't all make sense
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    Re: Wow! So much information!

    Sure pool school can be a little intimidating at first. It took me a couple of read thru's to get it. It'll all click and you'll be like now I get it.
    Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. 😎
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    Re: Wow! So much information!

    Sybrash, just take it a step at a time. I suggest counting the drops out loud, then write down what you got before going on to the next thing.
    Do all the tests you will do before you try to decide what might be needed in the way of chemicals. So that should be FC, CC, pH, then maybe weekly do TA and CH, then maybe monthly do CYA.
    Then walk on over to the computer and enter this data into the Pool Calculator, with the pool details filled out, and see what it suggests.
    The goals may or may not be worth working towards, some things are not really vital and some are, it may depend on your situation.
    Then post your info and let us help you with those situational calls.

    I keep a spread sheet, with penciled in test results, that shows what I tested and then what I added to the pool and what the goal was. Like FC was 2 so I added 1 jug of 10% chlorine to get the pool to FC 6. Next test day, that info is nice to know.

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