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Thread: Brand New House/New Pool

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    Brand New House/New Pool

    Hello Guys!
    I found these forums via google after searching for forums that offer help for new pool owners. We just finished the steps to buying our new home. Our first house that we truly own. It's quite awesome! We got a nice little pool as well, it's around 5k gallons, in-ground. Our Realtor (a family member) knew basically NOTHING at all about our pool. Saying "I dunno" when we asked any question regarding virtually any aspect of our new pool, The only information she has was that it "is maybe pebble stone". We did have the house inspected before we moved in and were told by the VA inspector that our pool is "fully automated in maintenance and cleaning", and that it is "fully functional". I've had one pool before and it was a 25k gallon "normal" sized pool with a barracuda cleaner and etc. This pool has nothing like that, and the pump area is full of nozzles and etc. I'm kind of curious about how to get things up and running. From the time we paid for the house, until now (which has been 3 days) we've already had thick layers of dirt in the pool building up, and it's already getting greenish (Gotta love living in the Phoenix, Arizona desert!). Our pool has a bunch of sprinkler-looking things all over the steps and bottom of the pool:
    2014-04-22 14.45.37.jpg
    Which are labled "Quick Clean". I seem to have read something about these on another forum somewhere but I cannot remember what they're called. If I remember right: Aren't these supposed to pop up like sprinklers and vacuum the pool? When the pump is turned on I only see 2 in the "up" position popped up: One in the shallow end, and the other torwards the middle of the pool. Every other ones remain down. The 2 that are popped up remain up at all times. I have no idea if these are supposed to be automatic or if there's something I'm missing in my mess of valves, pipes and circuit board switches that I'm supposed to be flipping on. So far I've messed around with every valve except the drain to see if I could get them to come up.

    Here are a few more pictures of my pool area:
    2014-04-21 13.09.49.jpg
    The forum told me I was over my "quota" so here's the pictures in a shared drop box folder:

    I also took a video of the pump and pool area with my phone:

    We've found that the auto-filler on the front of the pool works great. I'm glad we don't have to stick a hose in the pool any more to fill it up, but that it fills itself up whenever water levels get too low. I'm a complete pool newbie when it comes to this kind of setup (as i'm sure you can tell).... I do know about the balance levels of PH, Alk, free chlorine and etc though. All of which test fine according to our test kit.

    As one other side-note: The filter, and several other things around the pool and filter say "Fresh & Salt water" on them: We are kind of excited about this as well since we've heard that salt water pools are much easier to maintain. Hopefully I can find out more about our cleaning system and if it's working or not (it doesn't appear to be at the moment). Maybe we have to replace the pop-up heads in the pool, or perhaps they can be cleaned and fixed?

    Thanks again and sorry I don't have much more information to offer atm as I know virtually nothing about this pump/pool system... IMO my dad was a wee bit too anxious to buy before finding out what our pool setup was :P
    1) 5k Gallon Pool
    2) Cartridge
    3) Inground Pool
    4) Realtor told us "pebblestone"
    5) Not Sure about the filter size, etc.

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    Re: Brand New House/New Pool

    Welcome to the forum.

    I cannot help much with the mechanicals but your chemistry is not fine.......that's why you have algae.

    read "The ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry" up in Pool School as a good start. Then, read the "SLAM" article in the How to section up in Pool School

    You will need to SLAM your pool if you want it clear.
    Dave S.
    42k vinyl and concrete pool, 1.5hp pump, 140gpm filter
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    Brand New House/New Pool

    Welcome to TFP !
    Along with some reading in pool school your going to need to get yourself a good test kit to do the SLAM process and for general water chemistry maintenance.
    Here are the ones we recommend. I use the TF-100.
    When you have any questions don't hesitate to ask !
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    Re: Brand New House/New Pool

    Photo bucket works really well for posting to the forum. Once they're uploaded to photobucket you get individual urls you can paste here to show the images.

    The more pics the better!

    Sorry I can't help with any automation. I'm a lowly intex pool owner. lol

    I have to second or third the "read pool school cause you're gonna have to go through the slam process"

    I'm sure someone here will be able to help you figure out all your equipment soon!
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    Re: Brand New House/New Pool

    Welcome to the site!
    The first picture is an old ozone system that looks to be unhooked from the vid(pic 1). the next is your cartridge filter system for either a fresh water or salt water pool system (pic 2). The next looks like a chlorine tablet feeder (pic 5). Next looks like two pumps one for water feature and one for pool (pic 6). The next pic shows the pool pumps and the leaf vac that is part of the in floor cleaning. (pic 7). The cleaning head in (pic 10) has a mechanism in it that turns every minute changing to a different set of heads in the floor that pop up and push debris to the main drain. The sprinkler looking heads in the floor (pic 11) and the equipment labeled cleaning system (pic 10) is your in floor cleaning system and doubles as returns. The item label cleaning system has a switch can be turned to either pause or run (pic 10). I hope this helps some.
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