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Thread: Hi all, so we bought the hosue and FINALLY closed yayayayay!

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    Hi all, so we bought the hosue and FINALLY closed yayayayay!

    So it appears the owner stopped any kind of maintainence some weeks ago. As a result, the weed traps were full, and the pool has started to take on a green tinge.

    I am in the process of ordering a test kit, but it won;t be here for a little while, and to complicate matters, we can;t move in full time for another 4-5 weeks. We will be going down a couple of days a week until then, and want to try to sort pool out in the mean time, and certainly not let it get any worse. I know that pool shop analysis is suspect, but it's all I have at the moment, will be getting the kit in the mail next week sometime.

    In the mean time, I took a sample of the pool water to Leslies last week,nd got the following results;
    LW - TW
    FC - 0 - 4
    CC - 0 - 4
    pH - 7.3 - 7.6
    TA - 80 - 80
    CH - N/A - 400
    CYA - 50 - 80

    I put a block in the floater (more to feel good than thinking it would have any effect), and using the calulator, started the slamming process, although I know I won't be able to complete it properly at the moment, I though that would be the best move to try and at least tread water so to speak. I added 2gallons of chlorine (10% at only $6.49 for 2 gallons at home depot) to raise the FC to approximately 20.

    Cleaned out all filters, swept pool (making it depressingly greener) took another sample to another Leslies more local to where we will be. The totals are in the second column above.

    Now i know the figures above aren't ideal, and bear little comparisson to each other probably, but we are back there tomorrow, then probably not again much before next week.

    So the question is, what can/should I do to try and make some progress tomorrow, that will either allow the pool to get no worse, and hopefully better over the week? I was going to get another 4 gallons on the 10% Chlorine, and put that in there to raise the level nice and high, until I can get back next week, hopefully with my shiny new test kit that I'll have no idea how to use lol. On a separate note, is it a good idea to add the chlorine to the skimmer, seemed a good idea as it will go directly back through the returns, and get the best/fastest mix.

    I would be grateful for any help until I can get down there to really get a grip of this. Many thanks,

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    Re: Hi all, so we bought the hosue and FINALLY closed yayayayay!

    Our general recommendation is to add liquid chemicals slowly in front of a return jet while the pumps is on. The problem is that putting anything in the skimmer creates a temporary but extreme pH swing in the plumbing.

    Since you don't really know where your CYA is, it's hard to suggest an FC level. You also don't know how far the FC drops from that level, so assuming the ad hoc bleach starts to work, you don't want your FC getting too high. I would probably target 10-15 for FC once a day until you get the kit. May not make much progress, but you'll certainly keep it from getting worse.
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    Re: Hi all, so we bought the hosue and FINALLY closed yayayayay!

    Also stop using the trichlor pucks they are only going to drive your CYA higher until you know for sure what your level is. (each one you add may make you drain another thousand gallons or so to remove it). Otherwise I would keep doing what your doing, and adding bleach when you can, it will not make things worse ,and may make them better. Once you get your good kit we can give better advice.


    p.s. I might say to do nothing if you were only going to be there on the weekends, etc, but if you are there every 2 or 3 days, I think it is worth trying to keep the FC up and make some headway even if it does waste some bleach.
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