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Thread: Pool Remodel - any tips?

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    Pool Remodel - any tips?

    We are getting ready to redo my decking, coping, tiles and plaster. Any tips would be appreciated! I have three estimates and plan to work through them this week and make a decision.

    This is what we are looking at (we live in North Texas, Dallas suburbs):

    Replace the red brick that matches the house with Oklahoma stone.

    Stamped concrete to replace the cool deck.

    Large 6" tiles instead of the small two inch ones we have now.

    I am on the fence on the plaster. Trying to decide between plain white or trick it out with the pretty stuff. I could really use some insight on this part.

    We have a plain white light right now. I am also deciding between a colored light or one of those LEDs that you can change the light color.
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    Re: Pool Remodel - any tips?

    My opinion, and it's worth every penny you paid, is plain white plaster. I am amazed at how many threads we have with people complaining about streaks and dark spots and general problems with those fancy surface treatments.
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    Re: Pool Remodel - any tips?


    Hello, native Texan here...we too are in the process of designing our pool and selecting vendors/bids. How long have you had your pool and why do you want to replace your cool-deck w s-concrete?

    Thank you with your help and good luck with your project. tstex

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    Re: Pool Remodel - any tips?

    Here is a picture of what we are starting with.

    The pool is from when the house was built, 1989. Issues we are addressing:
    1. The mortor around the bricks need so be replaced. It is falling out and we have big cracks through the spa and the planters on the far side of this picture.
    2. Tiles are breaking away and falling into the pool
    3. The plaster is in good shape. Since I am having all the other work done, changing the plaster is only an additional 1200.
    4. The deck has small holes popping up. Multiple two to three inch holes.
    I am removing all the dirt from the planters along the fence, except the one with the tree. I am going to put pavers down in those beds then use colorful round planters (that I can move with a hand truck) to add color and allow me to easily change and move those plants.

    The cool deck isn't that cool. In the summer, I have to hose it down to cool it off. I also like the look of the stamped concrete better.

    I also want to add airation to help keep the pool temp down a bit.

    I also wish I had plumbing into the pool to refill it instead of using the hose. Not sure about the auto fillers , but some way to have it fill without running the hose across the deck would be nice. Especially with all the evaporation we get in Texas.
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    Re: Pool Remodel - any tips?

    In terms of plaster color, it really comes down to what you want to see. If you like the water color with plain white plaster then it is a great option. Or if you want a different look then the sky is the limit. I went with Wetedge Satin Matrix North Shore Tahoe, I really like the look. I too though long and hard about switching from the plain white plaster that we had. In the end I wanted a different shade of pool water color and hopefully help the resale as pebble finishes are supposed to look nice longer.

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    Re: Pool Remodel - any tips?

    For basically no additional cost, you can get different water color by using a quartz product to tint your plaster. It's still basically plaster, but you get the color. However, it will be randomly mottled in pattern which is definitely not for everyone. We are hoping that diligent water quality management will get a nice life out of our tinted plaster.

    Because of the irregular coloration, it won't show stains down the road as easily.

    But it's not a premium finish. You have to be willing to own a Chevy.
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    Re: Pool Remodel - any tips?

    LED lights are great at night. Well worth the money in my opinion. I have Pentair Intellebrite 12v lights that are controlled via an Easy Touch system.'

    If you do not have automation they have a stand alone color controller.
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    Re: Pool Remodel - any tips?

    I think the white plaster gives a pure look to the water. I personally like it a lot!
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