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Thread: Need Help! Received a 56y instead of a 48y (Kinda Long but please take the time)

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    Need Help! Received a 56y instead of a 48y (Kinda Long but please take the time)

    Hey Guys And Gals, Thanks so much for your help. I posted previously about replacing a bad motor and going from a 1 speed to a 2 speed. I received solid advice and decided on buying a AO Smith SQS1202R 48Y. Like most internet shoppers I looked for the best price. Unfortunately the best price shiiped from the manufacturer and would take a week to ship. Now I live in Arizona and the mosquitos were already circiling. And not wanting to be ground zero for the next West Nile Virus or Valley Fever outbreak, I went with a personal referral out of Cali. (Believe it or not, AZ seems to shy away from 2 speed pumps and just sells variables locally) In either event I caled them up, and asked for the motor. The salesman shifted me to a differant motor (Emerson EB982) which was $17 cheaper. (Saying it's the same exact thing) Being a novice at pools, I took his word for it. All seems well. Until it arrives. I already puchased the switch from another vendor and this thing doesn't have the slot for it. It claims to be switchless. We'll get to that later. Needing a motor installed, I decided that I'm just gonna hook it up to the high side and deal with the switch later. I put it on the bench, get everything assembled and take it out to the pump. BOOM! It doesn't fit. I look it over, and it's a 56Y! Now I know from reading this forum, that if you have a 56, you can scale down to a 48 with a buffer. But really not the other way around. In either event. I send pics, and the advice I get back is the shave a 1/2 inch off both sides. I naively follow this advice and it doesn't work. Matter of fact @ an inch and a half it still doesn't work. Now I've ruined my frame. So they tell me to pull up on the pump to set it. I do, and the result is the motor is mounted, but the front part of my frame is now 1/4-1/2 inch off the ground. I feel like I'm essentially trying to hammer a square peg in to a round hole. I break down and call pentair. I have a Dura GlasII/ Max E GlasII Pump. They tell me, that while the 56Y frame is available. It wont bolt to my configuration (48Y)
    So here's where I'm at. On they're advice, I hooked it up anyway. It's currently running on high speed only. Quiet I'l give them that. My concerns though are many. 1) I ruined my frame. 2) by pulling up on the front portion of the pump, I've essentially heightened the front by 1/4 to 1/2 inch (Which I put shimws under, as they advised) Now why not being a pool guy, I am mechanical. And given the current configuration, I suspect that there is added torque. Which is going to eventially cause premature wear on the motor. Now I'm not going to list the name of the company. As the last gentleman I spoke to was going to take it up the ladder to see what could be done for my benefit. I also get that most of you would have known instantly by looking at the motor that it was a 56 and not a 48. Like I said, I'm a novice and went by what I was told and had no reason to susspect differantly. Bottom line. How should I handle this? I am by no means a pushover. But on the same atone. My wife is the one that returns ****. I usually take it on the chin. This is a little differant though. I don't want this motor to fail in 3 years only to hear it has a one year warraty. Not to mention I've FUBAR'D my frame to even try to make it fit. I know a lot of you are in this buisness. And while I'm not crying sour, I'm just curious how you would deal with a situation like this? I can attaqch pics if needed Should I let it ride? Or should I get another frame and a 48Y motor and return it to factory specs?

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    Re: Need Help! Received a 56y instead of a 48y (Kinda Long but please take the time)

    Given that you have already messed up your frame I don't see that you have much choice other than to live with it for now
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    Re: Need Help! Received a 56y instead of a 48y (Kinda Long but please take the time)

    Not a big deal. You didn't mention which series of Dura/Max-E-Glas II pump you have, but if you look at the parts diagrams in the manual, the 3 HP pumps use a different base than the other pumps.'s a base for a 56Y motor. You might check with Pentair, but I'm almost positive you just need a new base (part #104-79P, $40 on Amazon). I did the exact same thing a couple months ago on my Max-E-Pro. Before you replace the base, I would remove the motor again, because when you remove the old base, the only thing supporting the pump will be the pipes and you don't want the weight of the motor making things worse.
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