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Thread: Posting Photo's Tutorial

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    Posting Photo's Tutorial

    One common issue members are having is a being unable to upload photo's to the site. Often this issue is due to the user hitting the attachment limit (10mb for Supporters/256KB for non-Supporters). This limit is a total of all attachments on the site, not just that of the one photo. To see your total Attachments view the following......

    Settings > Attachments

    The suggested option for a user to display photo's is to use a photo hosting site such as Photobucket or Flickr or Imgur. These sites both work very similar in the way they work, so we'll show Photobucket in this tutorial, however the steps for other hosts are very similar (see posts below for other hosts)

    Another option for members who use Tapatalk on their mobile phones is to let Tapatalk host the photo for you. This is an easy way to post photos directly from your phone into your forum post.

    First, log into or create your Photobucket account and select the "Upload Now" button


    Next, select the "Chose Photo's or Video's" button and select the photo you want to upload or just drag the photos you want to upload from your computer folder onto the browser area.

    Chose Photo.jpg

    Once the upload is complete the photos will display. From here, click on the photo you would like to display in your forum thread and copy the "IMG" code from the box on the right.

    IMG Code.jpg

    Now, on the Trouble Free Pool forum, paste this code into your new post and finish your comment.

    Paste URL.jpg

    Hit "Submit New Thread" or "Submit New Posts" and here's the end result.

    End Result.jpg

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    Re: Posting Photo's Tutorial

    I would suggest one modification to the above.

    Sometimes when you click on the IMG box (or IMG thumb box) in Photobucket, the default code that's copied and pasted to the clipboard makes the picture clickable, and can direct a reader to the Photobucket webpage containing the photo. If a user wants to display the photo without making it clickable, delete all the text that's outside the 'IMG' tags. The final code should look like this:

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    Re: Posting Photo's Tutorial

    After creating your account and uploading your image, here is how to get the correct text to paste into your forum post.

    1. At the bottom right of the image click the right arrow icon to "Share Photo"
    2. In the pop-up select "BBCode"
    3. Select the size of the image you want (one of the Medium should be fine).
    4. Click on the link text which will be highlighted and then either right-click and copy or press Alt-C
    5. Paste the link text into your forum post
    6. There is a lot of extra text, you can delete anything that is outside the [img] tags
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    Re: Posting Photo's Tutorial


    go here and sign up for imgur in the top right corner

    once you sign up at the very top you will see UPLOAD IMAGES, click that

    then go to your photos/folder on your computer, highlight the photos you want and drag them where it says drag and drop here.

    once all photos are dropped there, hit START UPLOAD

    once uploaded, you will see this screen click the large thumbnail on the bottom right (highlighted in green)
    If you do not see these options, click the "Get embed codes" link at the bottom right of the picture.

    then go to the right middle and select BBcode, right click and select copy or ctrl + c

    come to the quick reply or advanced window and right click + paste or ctrl + v

    now go back to imgur in the top left and click second image, copy bbcode and come back and paste again

    In the forum, it is easier to use the "go advanced" editor and click "preview post" to see if the pictures are where you want. When happy, click "Submit Reply"

    all done
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