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Thread: New Pool just filled

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    New Pool just filled

    I just completed filling my pool 2 days ago - took 11 hours, accidently overfilled and had to empty it a bit, a few inches below the cantilever deck, but still not quite midway on the waterline tile.
    I have been left to do the start-up of the pool on my own, other than drop a few tabs on the skimmer and 1 pt of muriatic acid for the 1st 5 days. The plumber has been super nice and has come back to prime and stat up the pump for me. Oh My that thing scares me, i do not know how to operate it yet. The plumber agreeded to comeback to show me how to operate it once we can find a time that fits both our schedules.
    My kids swam day 1, day 2 and probably today as well. Dog jumped in yesterday as well, at least she just came back from the groomer and was nice and clean. I can not keep them out, the pool water is about 80degrees and our temps our lingering between 90-100. I was told that they could start swimming right away but with that being said i am worried about keeping the water healthy.
    Last night i added a 1pt of muriatic acid and 1/2 ga 8% bleach/Chlorine. I tested the levels this morning pH was 7.2 and the FC-6 using the basic kit and the TSF kit read FC -3ppm CC -.25ppm so i am calculating the TC to be 2-3ppm.

    Am i doing okay?
    Fill date 4/9/14
    I have the tabs in the skimmer but the pump is not running 24/7 i ran it 12 hours last night and used the quick clean function after i put in the muriatic acid then 5-10minutes later added the 1/2ga chlorine

    Any suugestions on pump run times diring this start-up process.

    many thanks
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    Re: New Pool just filled

    How exciting!!

    The powder and drops (FAS-DPD) chlorine test is the one you should be using. The color-matching test is too subjective. The difference between holding it in front of white paper versus the sky versus even an off-white stucco wall are noticeable. I can't see any difference between 4 and 7, personally.

    You're doing great with the pH. Just keep it hovering around 7.5 give or take a few tenths and you'll be fine. As an aside, human tears are about 7.5.

    Has anyone added any stabilizer aka CYA aka Cyanuric acid, aside from what is in those tablets? Without it, that Phoenix sun will destroy all the chlorine about as fast as you can add it. You should add some to get CYA level to about 40 for now, just in case the pool isn't quite as big as you think it is. You can always add more later if you undershoot. Pour the granules in an old sock or nylon, tie it up, and hang it in front of a return somewhere, or just let it dangle and bob off an empty bleach jug or floating toy. Assume it's there, even though it will take a few days to dissolve completely and a week or so to show up on tests. If CYA = 40, then you should target 5 for the FC and never let it dip below 3. Keep tabs on that pH every couple days.

    As for the filter, that depends on how much dust and stuff end up in the water. If you're surrounded by cement, start at 6 hours a day and experiment. There's an article in Pool School that covers pump run time.

    And you shouldn't leave the tablets in the skimmer unless the pump is running 24/7. They're very acidic and can damage things if they dissolve too much in one area.
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