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Thread: Need new 2 speed pump advice, need help

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    Question Need new 2 speed pump advice, need help

    The pump I have is loud. Probably not too bad since the guy who put it in for me said it was quiet, but too loud for my wife. This is what I have now:

    Doughboy Powerline XP I 0-1296-203 1 HP 115 V 8450 RPM

    I have put a patio brick on it to reduce the vibration, but it is in between two houses and just too loud. I was thinking about building an enclosure, but in more research I think I would be better off with a 2 speed pump. I would prefer a variable speed but with my smaller pool, and only 115 V available I can't find one that is 115 V.

    In reading other threads it looks like this is a good pump to go with, quiet and others have liked it:

    Pentair Stainless Steel Black Dynamo Two-Speed 115-Volt Pool Pump without Cord

    I can put a cord on it no problem. So I need the pump to push enough water to let me heater run on low speed. My heater manual says it needs at least 30 GPM to run. All my gear is right next to the pool so I probably have 20' 2" total PVC for the whole system. I attached a pic of my setup.

    So my question is with the Pentair air listed above on low speed will I have enough GPM to run my heater, and also at low speed how long should I have the pump running everyday? Also open to suggestions on another pump. Quiet is the key with low energy usage next inline. Thanks in advance for the help!
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    Re: Need new 2 speed pump advice, need help

    A two speed pump on low will certainly be quieter than any pump on high speed.

    30 GPM on low speed shouldn't be a problem with short runs of 2" pipe, though the flow rate may well drop down below that when the filter is dirty.
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    Re: Need new 2 speed pump advice, need help

    Welcome to TFP!

    I definitely think you would be better off going with the 2-speed vs. building an enclosure. You will have a quieter pump and energy savings to boot.

    As for the GPM, the best information I have found is here: From the menu along the right side, click Performance Curves...Curve1. The chart that appears shows the performance curves, presumably at high speed. No curve is shown for low speed. Since low speed is usually half the RPMs of high speed, the GPM would be cut in half at low speed. My hunch from reading this chart and the plumbing specs you have posted is that you will likely have enough GPM to run the heater on low speed. Hopefully others will come along with a second opinion as a sanity check.

    Looks like Jason beat me in answering your post, so I guess I'm the one offering the second opinion
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    Re: Need new 2 speed pump advice, need help

    Is a 1 HP pump the right size for me? Should I go 3/4 or 1 1/2 HP?
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    Re: Need new 2 speed pump advice, need help

    The way the manufacturers play with the HP rating by using Service Factors makes just the HP a meaningless number. You can have a 3/4 HP and a 1HP and a 1.5HP label, but they are all identical pump/motor combinations.

    The 1HP Powerflo Matrix 2 speed is used by a lot of members here. You could probably get by with something smaller, but might be harder to find.
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