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Thread: Earthworms?

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    I have a 16' intex ultra pool which I kept up all winter. Today I took the cover off the pool and the water was perfectly clear and beautiful but I noticed something rather odd. There were about a dozen earthworms drowned at the bottom of the pool. There is no sign of a leak, so I am quite sure that they did not climb in through the bottom. They were not in one spot, but spread out all over. How did they get there? I can't imagine they climbed 4' up the side of the pool.

    It doesn't really matter in the end, but I am curious to know how this could have happened.

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    Re: Earthworms?

    Welcome to TFP

    Odd, are you certain they are Earthworms?
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    Re: Earthworms?

    After a rain I get 100's of worms in my IG pool. They probably did climb up the side.
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    Re: Earthworms?

    Mine also has worms in it. It's creepy. I just have a leaf cover on mine so I was wondering if the birds are dropping them in there when they fly over. Makes me wonder how the birds survive if they drop so much of their food.
    Are they trying to water them in hopes that they'll grow? lol
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    Re: Earthworms?

    They sure look like I would imagine dead, drowned earthworms to look. I can't think of anything else they might be. I had a cover on the pool, so birds couldn't have dropped them in.

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    Re: Earthworms?

    Yep...they sure can. I just searched it and it is pretty common.
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    Re: Earthworms?

    I keep finding mole crickets in my pool (we call them mud puppies). I haven't thought About the birds dropping them, I was totally bewildered about how they were getting in. Now I know. Cool!
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