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Thread: DE filter vs. cartridge filter

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    DE filter vs. cartridge filter

    We are building a pool with Anthony & Sylvan. I thought we were getting a cartridge filter but found out yesterday at the pre-construction meeting that we're actually getting a DE filter. The installer said that cartridge filters are a pain, and DE filters only need to be backwashed once a month.

    Not sure of the gallon size of our pool, but it is freeform, 44 feet long and 24 feet wide, 3-8 feet deep.

    So can anyone suggest what questions I should be asking to be sure I'm getting the right kind of system?

    We will be getting a salt water generator (they suggested a mineral system but I don't like the idea of metallic tasting water and I have blonde kids, don't want green hair!)

    Any suggestions? Thank you!

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    Re: DE filter vs. cartridge filter

    There is an article on pool filters in Pool School. All of them work, the differences are subtle
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    Re: DE filter vs. cartridge filter

    Good choice on the mineral system. Not so much for taste but they can lead to staining, and Chlorine properly maintained is better.

    Sand filter is the easiest in terms of simplicity and low maintenance. All work well, but DE filters the best. However it does take effort over the long haul to maintain.
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    Re: DE filter vs. cartridge filter

    If your having to backwash the DE filter every month, this may be a sign of an undersized filter. Pool builders seem to love to install as small of filter as they can get away with, you may want to look into upgrading a size, or at least posting details here on your pool size and the model of filter.

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    Re: DE filter vs. cartridge filter

    I think it's funny how pool builders throw undersized cartridges on pools then tell people they are high maintenance. First season we didn't have to clean the cartridges mid-season, and last year we only had to do it once.
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    Re: DE filter vs. cartridge filter

    +1 to what Isaac posted. I have a DE filter, and even after newsworthy windstorms that loaded the pool with dirt, I've never needed to backwash more than twice a year. Are you surrounded by farms or anything where you'll get an immense amount of dust? Go look at your windowsills and patio furniture. How heavy a dust buildup is there? Enough to write in with your fingertip?
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    Re: DE filter vs. cartridge filter

    I went with an over-sized cartridge and I clean it only once per year (12 month operation) even though I don't technically need to (< 1 PSI rise).

    Both DE and cartridge filters can be sized for minimal cleaning but given that it is recommended to tear apart a DE filter to clean the grids at least once per year, that part of the cleaning cycle doesn't seem to be much different between the two filters. So in terms of maintenance, I don't see a lot of difference between the two types of filters when sized properly.
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    Re: DE filter vs. cartridge filter

    I'm starting my 3rd season with my pool, and have only cleaned the cartridges once. That was after the first year in which the red dirt took the place of the broom finished concrete for most of the season.

    I had friends tell me that cartridges were a pain.... Glad I didn't listen!!
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