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Thread: New Patio area - ODK

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    New Patio area - ODK

    I'm in the process of planning an ODK. We had a stone wall put in last year along with leveling out a nice size area (1800sqft) for the patio near the pool. Due to time, weather, budget etc. the patio was not finished. I put down and compacted a crushed stone base with stone dust on top last Sept. After sitting all winter it's nice to see it didn't move much and drains well. So now its paver time!

    So plan is to get pavers ordered and started this week. It's going to go slow due to schedule this month and wife's ACL replacement in 2 weeks but by mothers day I want to have that part done. Pool open Memorial Day or maybe sooner if I can get the heater fixed (long story there).

    I'm working on the ODK part design. So far I have this on the budget list:
    40" Blaze grill, rotisserie - anyone have one and not like it or had problems with Blaze?
    4.5cuf fridge
    SS or concrete formed sink - thinking of running PEX underground from the garage faucet to the sink. Then having an inline water heater for hot water. Draining to a dry well behind the area.
    brick pizza oven - still looking for plans for that?
    Ice bin with ice maker in the house to replenish.
    7' diameter fire pit is already done.

    In making the cabinet part I was going to use PT 2x4 and plywood. Then cover that with hardibacker/cement board for stucco.
    Build doors out of IPE (from leftover deck material) or other wood.
    About 15' of Counter-top would be form poured concrete but possibly cast in place. Maybe another 10' section of counter-top for a bar area near the fire-pit
    Outdoor speakers as another zone from Sonos.

    Why does everyone use steel for the cabinet part and not 2x4? Seems much easier to build with. At least for me...
    At some point have a cover over the kitchen area. May be next year depending on time and budget and requirements - need to plan for snow load.

    Any flaws in my plan? Any suggestions to make it better?
    Anyone make changes along the way or saw something and said they wish they did that instead?

    Sorry for the length and I appreciate any advise.
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    Re: New Patio area - ODK

    Well, people use steel because it'll never rot! It will get moist underneath, unless the entire thing is underneath a roof. Lumber is easier to build with, but won't last in the long term in a moist/dry/wet/dry environment. Even if it doesn't rot, it'll warp and sag, nails and screws loosen.....not good! Likewise, people typically don't use plywood, just cement board. The 1/2" stuff is really strong, and mine is 1/4" and still is plenty stiff with stucco on it.

    Check some bbq forums for pizza oven builds; I know I've seen a bunch over at over the last couple years.

    I'm not sure if PEX is OK for direct burial...might want to check that. If it were me, I'd run a 4" drain pipe as "conduit" for anything you could possibly want to put back there. Pulling up pavers is a huge pain, BTDT. I believe plumbing code will require a permit/inspection for the lines, or a backflow preventer back at the garage; another thing to check on! How about gas? Bottles, or will you run a line for the grill?

    I would love to see your 7' fire pit
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    Re: New Patio area - ODK

    Thanks for the clarification. I guess I should learn how to do metal studs!
    I think I have the advantage of running behind the patio area and not have to worry about pulling up pavers. Just dirt or grass or woods to deal with.
    3327 Smaller.jpg
    The latice work is the back part of the pool deck.
    Here's the area. The original plan was to put mulch and a kids play area on the left side. Over the winter we decided the kids won't really use it and now it's all patio. So that will be fixed to match the right side. You can see the fire pit. Large enough for pallets. On the far right missing from the picture is the kids playhouse and shed and that's 18' from the edge of the fire pit. Overall it's 30' x 60'.

    Trying to decide the best location for everything. Kitchen area, bar area, overhead cover.... too many possibilities!
    Backflow? For fresh water or waste water?
    Using LP since we don't have gas in this area, or city water or sewers....

    Sharkline Matrix 15x30x54, Hayward 1hp 2 speed pump, Hayward EC-50 DE Filter, Rome/Solarium 105k Heat Pump, Aquabot Rover Jr - Deceased - looking to replace it

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