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Thread: Hayward Pump Hot Water in Basket

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    Hayward Pump Hot Water in Basket

    I looked through the pages to see if there was anything that might be able to help me but I could not seem to solve my problem.

    Here is the set up. With your help (thanks), I was able to replace my Hayward Super Pump and ended up choosing the 2 speed. Installed and ran like a racehorse for a few months. Great joy abounded....

    Went out of town and asked the Mrs to please clean out the skimmer baskets while I was gone. Got home and the timer kicked on the pool pump and although the pump still sounded fine, I could tell it wasn't priming. Went out to look and see what was going on and I noticed that the basket in the pump was full of all kinds of debris and that the water was really, really hot. I opened the lid and steam started pouring off. When I pulled out the basket, the vegetation was obviously really matted and clogging up any draw of the pump. The pump sounds fine

    I cleaned out the basket and tried to fill the pipes back up with water to prime the pump but no matter what I do, I cannot get the pump to start pulling water through. Things I have tried:
    1. Pulling the housing off the pump and making sure that the diffuser wasn't clogged.
    2. Disconnected the pump from the sand filter to make sure that the sand filter wasn't clogged and preventing flow.
    3. Tried closing both of the pipes to the pool to see if it is possible that one of those wasn't clogged that was preventing the flow.

    What else should I try? Should I remove the impeller to see if that is messed up?

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Hayward Pump Hot Water in Basket

    Water flow is blocked somewhere, though not necessarily inside the pump. If you have any valves in your system, check each of them to make sure it is set in the correct position.

    Also, that much debris shouldn't have gotten into the pump skimmer basket in the first place. There could well be additional debris back along the suction line somewhere.

    One thing you can try is sticking a garden hose in the main inlet pipe from inside the pump strainer basket and trying to force water back towards the skimmer. You can seal the hose to the inlet with a drain king or by wrapping a rag around the hose until it seals the opening fairly well.
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    Re: Hayward Pump Hot Water in Basket

    Quote Originally Posted by aslanlab View Post
    1. Pulling the housing off the pump and making sure that the diffuser wasn't clogged.
    Did you check the impeller too? The impeller is usually what gets clogged and not the diffuser.
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    Re: Hayward Pump Hot Water in Basket

    You might also have a suction side air leak. Even if you didn't have a suction side air leak before the pump ran with no flow, you probably have one now. A regular schedule 40 PVC male adaptor will shrink when it gets too hot. This will cause the seal to be lost at the pump suction and output ports.

    If you have CPVC fittings or other higher temperature rated fittings, then you might not have lost the seals.

    Is the pump basket warped or distorted?
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