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Thread: Landscaping ideas?

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    Landscaping ideas?

    I'd like to get some ideas for landscaping around our pool. Where would a person go? I've searched images in Google and whatnot. I'd think there might be a web site to assist in laying something out. Thanks for any assistance!

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    Re: Landscaping ideas?

    Type in pool landscapes or something similar.

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    Re: Landscaping ideas?

    I looked at houzz, googled pool landscaping, also looked at PB websites to see what they used. Found that the local PB sites normally used plants that were well suited for the area. Then I talked with the folks at the local nursery to see what they recommended. Still working on mine...probably will be for months to come. Watch for things that aren't messy, won't drop leaves or flowers in the pool, also depending on how you will be cleaning your pool, watch what you plant so you will be able to access it from all sides.
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    Re: Landscaping ideas?

    Pinterest is awesome!
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    Re: Landscaping ideas?

    What I learned years ago was just sitting down, and drawing a scale drawing of my pool, deck and patio, then go from there. This will help in determining how big your groupings should be, how far apart they are spaced and what appeals best to you.

    For example, when the sketch to scale is drawn, draw some circles around the edge to determing which size and how many groupings work best for you and how far apart each grouping is spaced. Dont space them too close as your plants will need room to grow and spread out over the years. Even though you want it perfect today, it will take time for it to mature unless you are rich and can have a mature landscape transplanted.

    Take pics of your pool and yard from every angle and then take them with you when talk to a lot of people at lots of nurserys. The pics will prove you are serious about buy landscape stuff - and soon! Eventually someone will take interest and help you out with ideas and suggestions and landscape and nursery people LOVE pools.

    Visit nursery websites, they are invaluable in learning a bit about different plants and their care and requirements.

    Some of the landscape stores may help out with free tips or maybe even design if you buy all of your stuff from them - Depending of course how complex you get.

    Stick with plants that are suitable to your climate.

    Consider the root system of the plants around your pool. You dont want something that will grow a root through the pool wall, or grow around the plumbing and break the pipes.

    Pick your plants considering their sun requirements and if you pool is shady or full sun.

    Consider their water requirements, and to keep it simple when selecting the plants.

    Plant in groupings.

    Plant your groupings in odd numbers. (This is landscape design rule #1 from a landscaper friend of mine). For example you want to plant banana tree as your centerpiece of the group with other small stuff around it. Plant 1, 3, or 5 banana trees around the pool or yard. Dont plant 2 or 4. Believe it or not, the brain likes odd numbers better than even ones when it comes to aesthetically pleasing landscape. It's just wierd how the brain works! Since he told me that, my landscape vision and ease of design has improved greatly.

    Plants or trees with flowers - Bees like them, so keep these well back from the people area. I want flowers and am putting mine on the far side of the pool where hardly anyone will ever be.

    Shrubs or trees with billions of tiny leaves will be a pain when when they drop.

    Group your plantings. Dont just put a banana tree with nothing around it. Build a nice grouping of plants. Example Banana tree, with a 6 ft diameter bed around it. plant 3 groupings of 2 per group of asiatic Lilys and a couple of coconuts laying around on the ground. Maybe a couple of elephant ears too, they are nice.

    Putting a solar light in there just rocks. Get 20 lumen LED's, the kind that swivel and you can aim the light beam up a tree trunk or back light a nice group of plants with it.

    Maybe baseball to basketball size rocks here and there work nice to. TIp o' the day. Muriatic acid can really bring out the color of a rock and turn it from a plain ole ugly rock into an interesting piece in the landscape.

    Bedding in a flower bed - mulch or gravel or rock. Mulch may have a tendency to blow or wash into the pool if above deck level. Gravel or river rock can aleviate that. Stone is do it once and forget it forever, you will need to replenish the mulch every year.

    Landscape fabric is worth the effort and will save tons of backbreaking hours pulling up weeds and prevents lawn and borders from going where you dont want them.

    Border your flower beds and under trees with a border plant, such as monkey grass. If you dont like monkey grass there are lots of substitutes that work nicely. Personally, I like monkey grass. It gets thick grows quickly and your friends may give it to you for free if you come and get it!

    I hope these few tips help...

    good luck, once it's done, you will love it!
    Divin Dave,
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