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Thread: Pool Light Tripping GFCI

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    Pool Light Tripping GFCI

    Just wanted to see if anyone was actually able to fix this issue. I have replaced the light and gasket even though I do not see any moisture in light. I have re-terminated the cables at the junction boxes.

    Also have plugged a radio in at the GCFI and does not trip.

    Still the light will come on for 5 min and then trip. I know if I call for a repair someone is going to rip me off in labor and probably tell me i need all new light.

    So anyone actually try any of these recommendations and had success? What was your findings? What ended up fixing the problem?
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    Re: Pool Light Tripping GFCI

    There are many different problems that all have this symptom. Some of them are much easier to fix than others. The GFCI can fail. Moisture can get into the light. Moisture can get into the wiring. Loose wiring connections occasionally cause this problem. Water getting into the junction box. And so on.
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    Re: Pool Light Tripping GFCI

    Quote Originally Posted by Shablam View Post
    So anyone actually try any of these recommendations and had success? What was your findings? What ended up fixing the problem?
    I have an above ground pool, so I'm not sure about the differences, but I'll tell you my experience.

    Same symptoms as you. Light turns on just fine, runs for a bit, then trips the GFCI. First wanted to rule out the GFCI, as those can go bad, so I ran an extension cord from my second light to the questionable GFCI. No tripping. Ran an extension cord from the questionable light to the other GFCI, same behavior. So, I figured I narrowed it down to a light problem.

    Took the entire light assembly to the garage and started taking it apart. Got the housing around the transformer disassembled, and water came pouring out. I think I found the problem. I let it dry overnight and tried plugging it back in again, but it still tripped. So, in my case, it was the transformer that got water damaged and toasted.

    The entire light assembly is north of $100, but I can replace the transformer for about $25. Haven't done it yet (and not sure when I will because we don't do much night swimming), but I'm reasonably certain that will fix the problem.

    Hope that helps.
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    Re: Pool Light Tripping GFCI

    What light do you have?
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    Re: Pool Light Tripping GFCI

    I had the same problem---twice. First time it was a defective breaker. Replaced...all OK for the year. Next time, I KNEW I had it isolated to the light. Hayward even replace as 'one-time" customer courtesy. New light tripped also. Finally found it to be the connections in the junction box. Had made new connection, but had to replace some stranded wires from switch to junction box. About drove me crazy..
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    Good Luck!!
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