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Thread: New House - Weird Pool

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    New House - Weird Pool

    So I just bought a house and included was my first pool - ever.

    It's SWG, however I realize now that the SWG cell is pretty much dead.

    SWG reads 1700 salt reading, however AccuCheck strips indicate 5080ppm. Clearly, the SWG is not generating. The Check Salt light is on and the diagnostics indicate that no chlorine is being generated.

    I called the pool company that had been maintaining the pool for the seller and they indicated that the pool is on a "standard" chemical schedule, meaning that they recognize that the SWG is no longer generating. Further, they acknowledged that they had been adding salt to the pool. The customer service rep seemed surprised at the salt level and said that she would have a supervisor call me and arrange to come out and take a look and that they would make it right. Given that CYA is so low I can't imagine what they have been doing that has kept chlorine so low (but steady) and the water crystal clear. Maybe just luck?

    When I took possession of the house on 3/14 the chemistry was as follows. Pool service had treated with chemicals on 3/11 and was doing chem every other week.

    FC - 2
    PH - 7.8
    TA - 140
    CYA - basically 0
    CH - 350
    Salt 5080

    Since then I purchased liquid chlorine and muriatic acid with the idea of just keeping it going until I can figure out how to drain the pool, refill, and replace the chlorine generator.

    I've daily (last few days) been adding chlorine (about 10 oz) and acid daily (separately, about 10oz as well) in order to keep the chemisty pretty much as-is. I added enough acid that per PoolMath would lower the PH to 7.5 for the last three days but it remains around 7.8.

    Obviously I need to add stabilizer as well - planning to do that in the next day or two.

    Any thoughts at this point? I'm hoping I can get the pool company (they are a large established company with a good rep here in Tampa) to drain/refill the pool for me. I don't plan to use them on a going forward basis but would like their help in making this right.

    Any thoughts on why 3 days of adding 10oz of acid each day is not making the PH budge?

    Sorry for rambling - the chemistry seems so odd I'm not sure what to make of the situation and where to go from here.

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    Re: New House - Weird Pool

    Given it is a a relatively small pool I would suggest confirming your results then dumping about 1/3 of your water to get it close to the operating range for your SWG once you replace your cell, and balance from there. There is no point in wasting money on CYA, etc. if your just going to dump 1/3 - 1/2 of the water anyway. Also you have a relatively small pool so your water cost to do this should not be too unreasonable. Even if your salt is still a bit high when your done chances are you will loose some to splash out, etc if it is going to be a while before you replace the SWG cell.

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    Re: New House - Weird Pool

    Before you go out and buy a new cell, you might try cleaning your existing cell. Check the manufacturers web site for their recommended cleaning procedure. A little acid is cheaper than a cell.
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