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Thread: Need advice NEW POOL finish issues

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    Need advice NEW POOL finish issues

    I am so glad I found this forum. We just got a new gunite pool installed in SW florida. They did the interior finish and filled the pool last week. But I have a few questions I wanted to ask here before I go to the pool builder.

    Last Monday, Krystal Krete interior finish was installed. They began filling the pool immediately around 6pm on Monday. The pool was filled by 1pm on Tuesday. Pool builder came by and turned off the hose. Pool builder showed back up on Thursday morning, which they than put in chemicals and did the brushing as well as started the equipment. Since then, no one has come out, no brushing/chemicals/zilch. I asked them when I would receive my kit to brush and skim and they said that "we will take care of the pool for the first 30 days than we will put you through pool school than I will take over" at this time I will receive my brush, net, testing kit etc. With the finish I am noticing some color splotching intermittently. Also noticed a few areas, specifically below the skimmer that has more of a gray than white look to it in the finish and is more rough than the rest of the pool. Also have some areas where the steps meet the wall where the finish is not smooth, it is very "rocky"/rough, like it wasn't sanded down.

    Also, I went in the pool with a snorkel mask to check things out yesterday and I am seeing a few hairline cracks about 4" below the waterline in the finish. They are no longer than an inch or two and are just below where the finish meets the tile. Is this an issue? I also saw a few of these hairline cracks on the edge of the step, no longer than 1 inch long. There's maybe only 5 or 6 of these total and not at all noticeable unless you are within 6 inches away looking at it (I admit I am a bit anal about such investments). Also I noticed some areas on the walls where the finish has a slight bump to it, hard to explain but they are about 3 or 4 inches in diameter, round. They are not discolored or anything, just a noticeable raised part in the finish. I know that being a hand trowel process that there will be inconsistencies in the finish, but when googling the issue, it also appears that it could be delamination? I am not sure really what delamination is or how to identify it so just wanted to see everyone's opinion on what it could be and how I should approach the builder or if I am just overthinking things.

    Lastly, if these are possible issues, who would I call to get a third party pool inspection opinion about such issues? Another builder or interior finisher?

    Thank you

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    Re: Need advice NEW POOL finish issues

    Hi, welcome to TFP! So it has been about a week since anyone has touched the pool? If so I would call and ask to clarify the service schedule during the first 30 days. That way you will know if they are to come out daily or once a week. We usually tell new pool owners to follow the builder's recommendation to the letter so they do not risk voiding their warranty. If there are problems with the finish after the first 30 days you will need to ask the builder to come out and examine the plaster to determine how it should be corrected. It may seem counter productive, but you have to follow the builder's instructions and ask for clarification if they are too vague. I would not bring in any third parties at this point.
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