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Thread: Alabama Poolin'

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    Alabama Poolin'

    I'm one of three people maintaining a 188,000 gal. olympic pool, along with a 1100 gal. baby pool... Baby pool's a breeze, a few dollars here and there, a few ounces of this, a few ounces of that, and... perfect. The BIG pool is a different story. Ten years ago, we were using a 1-ton chlorine cylinder injection. Now, we're using 3" trichlor tablets place in 7 different skimmers, usually maintaining around 35-40 tablets total daily. It usually eats up 5-6 tabs a day. So... I'm here to learn as much as possible trying to save some $$$ for the members of our pool. I just don't know where to buy baking soda in 50 lb.

    Anyway.. I'm glad to be here. Its easy to tell you guys have put alot of time and effort here placing all the info on the site.
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    Re: Alabama Poolin'

    Hey Fireman . . . I am from Tuscaloosa, Alabama . . . I am not necessarily new to the forums, just been lurking for a year or so. I just started posting today as a matter of fact.

    Boy, it looks like you have your work cut out for you with 188k to maintain. This site will be a great help. ChemGeek and Waterbearer have amazing knowledge! I have learned a great deal and have not really needed to post much since everyone seems to have the same problems and I can usually find someone else that has already asked the same question.

    Are you considering using BBB? I converted last year and have not been disappointed. This year I added borates to my water - just finished that project this evening as a matter of fact. I am hoping to decrease my clorine demand and enhance water sparkle among other things. Tomorrow I plan on adding salt to further enhance the water. The combination of the two should create a more pleasant swimming conditions with respect to silkiness and sparkle. We live in our pool and I am looking forward to improvements in our skin and hair after these two treatments.

    Nice to meet a fellow Alabamaian . . .
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    Re: Alabama Poolin'

    Hey Fireman! Welcome to TFP,
    Have a look at this web site Q C Concepts. This is a company that sells chemicals such as what your looking for in bulk. I personally havent used them but some other members I believe have. For instance a 25# box/bag of Borox is $32.00 and a 100# bag of sodium bicarbonate is $92.00. Sodium bicarbonate also is listed in a 2500# pallet at $1100.00. Im not sure you would need that much in a swim season though. I dont see where bleach is listed but perhaps you could go to your local Walmart, Coscto or Sams and speak to the manager to get a deal through him. I know our church needed to order some new chairs for the Fellowship Hall and thats what they did and they gave them so much off each chair after so many were purchased. If the manager at one of those wont help you out go to a smaller chain grocery store ... I'm sure the manager there would love the business!!! I know I would !!

    I would be interested in hearing which store/grocery chain cut you a deal too ... please post back so we all can see which one is the hungriest!

    One after thought and someone else maybe know about this more than me BUT I would also check with your local health department about (if you are monitored by them) before you get into all of this just to make sure it will meet their criteria for sanitation purposes if its a public pool per say. Having said that, I wouldn't think they would care so long as proper sanitation levels for the water are properly kept. Maybe someone here knows more about that than me ..... If they dont montior you water sanitation in the pool then dont worry about it and GO FOR IT!

    Thats a lot of water to look after ! Good Luck !! If you can post some pictures for the BBB "non believers" to see. We love pictures!!
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    Re: Alabama Poolin'

    Welcome to TFP!!

    Glad you found us and feel free to look through the old posts and ask any questions you have.

    1 quick thought on the tabs in the skimmers - remove them every night!!!!! They are very acidic and could potentially damage the plumbing and equipment - if you pull them out every night the possibility of damage is greatly reduced!

    Again, welcome here!
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: Alabama Poolin'

    Hi fireman565 and welcome to the forum

    Sure would like to see a pic of that monster!

    Also, I see we use the same cleaning system :P
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