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Thread: New Doughboy AGP

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    New Doughboy AGP

    Looking at buying a new Doughboy AGP. We would like the expandable liner for a deep end and we also want to partially bury it.

    We currently have a 16' intex metal frame round. We've had it for 4 years to see if we would want to invest in a better pool. The intex has a intex SWG and an intex pump/filter unit.

    I went to our local dealer, they recommend the Doughboy Autumn Breeze. We are wanting a 16' x 24'. Then they had a list of up sales.

    So the actual pool is $3913
    Expandable liner is $575
    Skimmer is $170
    Ultra maintenance package (pole, vac head, brush, skimmer head, leaf rake, vac hose, test kit, ladder, trident ABG cleaner). $597
    Ultra equipment package (20" doughboy filter, 1.5 HP xp pump NEC, and filter sand) $839

    For $6,094
    Then there is a "happy feet liner" $237

    My question is, we want to use a automatic cleaner and have many of the same tools from our intex pool. Will the intex maintenance tools work with the new pump/filer fittings? Should I buy the maintenance items seperatly?

    Should I use the doughboy equipment or buy my own independently? The store says I will get 2 more years on the warranty if I use doughboy equipment. They also say that if I use a SWG on the pool it voids the warranty anyway. My wife does not like pool chemicals, especially since we have used salt the last three years. I might use chemicals the first year to make sure everything is working right and then plumb in a SWG.

    If it is better to buy a pump/filter independently are there any recommendations for a 16 x 24 partially buried with a 7' deep end? I've seen so many options my head is going to explode. From what I can tell I would need a 1 HP pump, maybe 2 speed. Hayward seems to be a popular brand. As for how much sand filter I have no clue. With 52" sides it looks like around 11,200 gallons.

    Any recommendations?

    Also our intex pump had a built in timer. I've seen people using paragon and inter attic timers on their pools. What schedule do people normally use? How long should you run pumps and filters?

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Re: New Doughboy AGP

    How big of a pain/ how frequently do you have to clean cartridge filters? The thing I think I will like about the sand filter is I can just back wash it and be done. The sand filter in the package is over $800. I can get a pentair clean & clear 100 for $500. I currently have a small intex cartridge filter that I cleaning. Are the bigger filters easier to clean and or less frequent to clean.

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    Re: New Doughboy AGP

    Cartridge isn't bad if you get one that is big enough. Mine is 11,700 gallons and I have a 100sq. ft. cartridge. I had to clean it once mid-season (and of course again when closing). Not bad at all. If you hate cartridges though, go sand for low maintenance to DE for extremely good filtering ability.
    11,700 gallon 21' round 54" deep all-resin AGP - June 2012
    Waterway 1HP 2-speed pump / 100 sq ft cartridge filter
    Hayward 150,000btu Natural Gas heater
    I use and recommend the TF-100 for testing

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    Re: New Doughboy AGP

    I have a pentair EasyClean DE EC60 filter. For the past 4 summers, I've only had to clean it mid season. Only takes me about 20 minutes. I've been very happy with it.
    30 ft. round Conquest agp, 19,800 gal; Pentair Easy Clean 1 hp DE EC60 filter system
    Hayward H250N gas heater; TF100 Test Kit
    2 Fafco 4x20 sunsaver solar bear solar panels
    Dolphin E 10 ~ Zoomerang slide
    Majestic 8000 Above-Ground Pool Step

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