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Thread: Just replastered pool

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    Just replastered pool

    I had the pool replastered about 10 days ago. I paid the PB to have a guy set the pool up and the first thing he does is come by one day and pour in 9 gal of acid and leave. The next day he comes by and dumps 12 boxes of Arm/Hammer baking soda and hits a few lickes with the brush and leaves. The next day the water looks like I poured milk in there. I get him over there and he says he has never seen that before. He leaves and comes back and puts who knows what in there and a couple of days later it's now clear.
    I just had my water tested at the local pool supply and got these numbers.
    PH 7.7
    total Clorine 7.6
    Free Clorine 6.5
    TA 48
    adj TA 40
    Tot. Hardness 173
    I have a colored plaster/blue.
    They tell me to use a non clorine shock so as to not bleach out the plaster on the floor of the pool.
    Also suggested Pool Plus to get rid of the metals
    Suggested 30 lbs of Balance Pak 100 to raise the TA
    print out says to add 10.5 pints of Muriatic Acid.
    I am trying to go with the Clorox for the clorine instead of the tabs. Also how to "shock" when necessary when it rains.
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    Re: Just replastered pool

    OK, I see a few issues.
    First, your pool guy doesn't seem to know what he's doing. It's ok, mine did not either. But, you paid the builder to take care of things, so if something goes wrong it is on THEM. Warranty issues are their issue, know what I mean?

    CH is too low. But I wouldn't touch it at the moment. It may come up as the pool settles in.

    I don't see any issue with using a chlorine "shock" or chemical. But don't take my word. More on that in a bit...

    What makes them think there are metals in the pool? Was it filled with well water?

    The other issue is this - don't trust the pool store. You need to take control of this on your own with a quality test kit like the TF-100 or K-2006. I suggest the TF 100, it's a nice kit in a nice box, easy to take to the pool.

    BUT - Call the pool builder. Discuss your worries with him and the lack of info from the pool guy. Make sure he knows what is going on so you don't have warranty issues in the future. I wouldn't do anything on my own without talking to him first.
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    Re: Just replastered pool

    Welcome to TFP Flexman!

    I agree with Robbie. It is on the builder who put this guy in charge of your start up.

    I'm not sure what that guy was trying to accomplish, but it's hard to say without knowing the test results on your initial fill. The test results are suspect too, but without knowing what all has been added it is very difficult to say. As a rule, Total hardness isn't usually something to look at, only the CH or Calcium portion of it. Most Total Hardness (TH) is generally about 90-95% Calcium Hardness (CH). Again, I agree with Robbie on this, it can wait for now.

    You are kind of at their mercy right now, as they may insist on doing things as they like to honor the finish warranty. Do call and express any concerns and ask them about that. As a curiosity, I would ask if they were attempting an Acid startup. I'd say there's a good chance yes with the 9 gallon acid addition. But again, without knowing starting TA and pH, it's hard to say.

    Lastly, you will need one of the Kits Robbie mentioned if you want to maintain this pool or truly know what is going on with it right now. If so, the next tool you'll need is knowledge. There is a lot of info in Pool School, but if you start with the ABC's of pool chemistry, it will get you going in the right direction. Glad you found us, and come back with questions if you have some. We'll be glad to help.
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