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Thread: Cleaning and vacuuming

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    Cleaning and vacuuming

    So thanks to this site I think I'm ready to take the plunge (pun intended) and take over my pool completely. I've got my chemistry under control, freeze guard installed, performed backwash and refill cycle with my DE filter and have a Stenner pump going in the weekend.

    The last thing I need to get down is cleaning. I have a leaf rake that I've been using but have yet to brush or vacuum. The brushing seems pretty straight forward, just brush the plaster to free up any dirt to be picked up by the vacuum or Polaris. My question is on the vacuuming. I think I have all the equipment. Hose, poll and vacuum heads. From what I understand I pull out the skimmer basket, plug one end of the hose into the skimmer pipe and the other end onto the vacuum head. But if I do that what catches the leaves? Without the simmer basket wont they all get pulled into the pump basket? That's not very big and I'd think it would clog easily. I also have two vacuum heads and I'm not sure which to use

    One round
    and one rectangle with rollers on each side.

    Is one better than the other or are they used for different purposes?
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    Re: Cleaning and vacuuming

    Dave S.
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    Re: Cleaning and vacuuming

    Yes, you'll pick up leaves. That's why there's a basket in the pump strainer. You could also get a leaf canister that fits inline. If your skimmer has only one hole in the bottom, you can get a vacuum plate that sets in there, in which case the leaves will get caught in the skimmer basket. has pictures.

    I've never seen one of those round vacuums.
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    Re: Cleaning and vacuuming

    The round one isn't exactly a vacuum. I have one. You connect it to your garden hose and there's a net that goes on the top. The water pressure creates a current which runs through the net sucking up leaves and such. You can use that first to clean the leaves off the bottom, then use the second one to vacuum up the fine stuff.
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