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Thread: convert AA weight to volume (with qualifying questions)

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    convert AA weight to volume (with qualifying questions)

    I am going to try AA stain treatment in an indoor spa:

    From searching and reading various postings, the closest I get to a consensus on the amount of Ascorbic Acid to use is 1 lb per 10,000 gal.
    suggesting that 1.6 oz (weight) would be appropriate amount for a 1000 gal spa.
    This seems like an awfully small amount?? Anyone have experience using this small of an amount?

    Regarding converting mass to volume. (of AA)
    Not having the background or patience of a few of the esteemed members here with the ability to convert molecular weight
    the best lay guess I found online gave .98 oz (weight) per cubic inch.
    Which my calculations (by math challenged dummy)
    are 1 fl oz = 1.76 oz (weight) / 1 lb = 9.1 fl oz (any better calculation or input from the aforementioned ^^^ please)

    Again, just under 1 fl oz of AA seems minor. But, afterall, an ounce of 12% sod hypo does the trick as well??

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    Re: convert AA weight to volume (with qualifying questions)

    Welcome to TFP!

    Source vary, but the bulk density for ascorbic acid appears to be around 0.72 g/cm3 for coarse and 0.51 for fine. 1.6 ounces weight would be 45.36 grams so 45.36/0.72 = 63 ml for coarse or 89 ml for fine. This is the same as 2.1 ounces volume for coarse or 3.0 ounces volume for fine.

    And yes, quantities for spa volumes are always rather small, especially for concentrated pure chemicals. It's only when you start adding bleach where the volume goes up since it's not as concentrated.
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    Re: convert AA weight to volume (with qualifying questions)

    Thanks, I appreciate the figures very much.

    I've opted to use the powder available from my local vitamin store (which is about $20 pr lb) for my first foray, I'll order a few # online for the pool if I get the spa results I'm looking for.
    Their 'potency' (content AA) is 1000mg per 1/4teaspoon- which is very close to the figures you provided.

    Thanks again.
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