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Thread: North Florida Pool Repairs Renovation?

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    North Florida Pool Repairs Renovation?

    Hello all This is our first Post to TFP so I don't speak the short hand lingo of the forums yet however love what I have read so far & am very encouraged about the challenge we are about to take on. My husband and I recently purchased a home in Jacksonville Florida Sept 2013. We moved in Nov 1st having finally made it through the holidays and renovating much of the house inside we have obtained some quotes on the pool. (I have pictures of the pool below if I figure out the picture attachment.)

    We were able to shock it and get it pretty clear, we changed all the sand in the filter to start off with as it was pretty disgusting however couldn't get much pressure out of the jets in the pool with some slight bubbles. What we can tell for the history of the pool is it sat for about 3yrs that we know of with very little cleaning from what the neighbors told us. Initially upon purchase our first inspection we were told it was a fiberglass pool and "Cosmetic" repairs to fix. After closing we obtained another quote this one a little more detailed told us we had a 25k gallon 33ft long by 15 wide Vinyl liner pool with fiberglass steps & swim out. It is 3ft in the shallow and 10ft in the deep end. As well this quoted about $6k in repairs. Our 3rd quote took us to $25k with a new concrete deck around the pool and said that the screws were non-galvanized so it rusted inside. Specifically calling the pool "an old tall-man conversion with a fiberglass insert converted to vinyl in the 80s." all foreign language to me which ended in "I can give you a quote to fill it in". We then decided to tackle this after the Holidays

    We have a few long weekends coming up through Feb & March. Figuring it was best to drain the pool first and clean it out. Then Refill it and make sure the entire pump system works and to clear out any leaves from the main drain & system since it is currently in a pond like state by end of Feb. Once that is all done we should have had enough research & time to build a game plan to take on the Removal of the old Liner, Treating & Sanding down the Rusted areas of the Steel Frame w/ new Screws Ect as needed. Spray Paint Rust-Oleum or Rust Treament still TBD, Clean out the floor(TBD) Install Foam Padding on steel walls, Install new Track for Liner & Finally Install New liner. As well as any detail work/Tile Ect as needed still all TBD.

    That is the outline I have so far. Any Suggestions to what type of pool this maybe and what we may expect underneath with the type of floor. I don't know if this vinyl is attached to a fiberglass pool because of the conversion in the 80s so we shall see

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    Re: North Florida Pool Repairs Renovation?

    Welcome to tfp, Kimberlena

    I can't tell for sure from the picture, but it looks like a vinyl liner pool to me. Since it appears to be holding water I would definitely not drain it (at least not more than leaving at least 6" in the shallow) so that the liner does not move or float up.

    Right now I would concentrate on troubleshooting the equipment and getting that working right so that you can get circulation going in the water again. Can you post pics of the equipment pad?

    Also, could you post closer pics of where the vinyl liner appears to be pulling off the wall and also where the liner ends right next to your steps?
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    Re: North Florida Pool Repairs Renovation?

    Thanks so much! We went through a long closing process for the house of about 10months. The pool wasnt running during that time & never lost water outside of the normal Florida Summer Evaporation. The quotes we have had concerned us about the Rust that we are seeing in the areas where the liner is pulling away from the sides. With the 3 quotes all stating different areas of repairs we are not sure who to trust so thus resulted in our research and finding this wonderful site. I know the pump is a Hayward but I dont recall the model information. I do have all the pictures on my home computer I can post after work tonight of the equipment & will ensure I have those specific areas with the steps & liner. Thanks again!!

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    Re: North Florida Pool Repairs Renovation?

    I agree with Linen. You have a liner pool that has apparently been installed over a fibreglass structure.
    Sooner or later, the pool will need to be drained, old liner removed, tile replaced around steps, then a new liner installed.
    I wouldn't spend too much time, money or energy on the old surfaces because they need to all come out.

    You can work on your equipment pad separately getting your pump running and your filter checked out.

    Unless y'all are skilled DIY folks, I would contract this to a pro. It is an unusual build and will require someone with experience.

    I can't tell you which one because the scope of the work is quite detailed but go with the one that makes you the most comfortable
    Dave S.
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    Re: North Florida Pool Repairs Renovation?

    Don't forget to take pictures to share as you progress through your rehab. Good luck and Welcome to TFP!
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    Re: North Florida Pool Repairs Renovation?

    It started to rain but I was able to(trying to) Upload pictures - I wasn't able to get the actual equipment area but tomorrow hopefully no rain image4.jpgimage5.jpg image.jpgimage1.jpgimage3.jpg

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    Re: North Florida Pool Repairs Renovation?

    Pool Update - Its been a while - when initially posting we had just purchased home and moved in 4 months prior. Now 2 yrs later we have been able to maintain the water at crystal clear and have enjoyed swimming. The liner is peeling away heavily in our recent florida heat this year and I can confirm with out a doubt this is a steel or aluminum frame pool with fiberglass steps and swim out. It has major rusting that is now very obvious with the liner drooping. We have not had many quotes and are about to have Home Owners Insurance involved. We are pretty handy DIY people as this is a home we have been renovating. Hopefully HOI will cover the repairs or replacement of some of the walls on the original footprint of the pool. This is the current state. Has any one experienced this that may have any ideas as to what would be involved with how these repairs go? I have read recently about replacing the walls - which seemed like basically removing this pool and installing a brand new identical frame style pool. Thanks so much!! Now that we have finally settled in our home we have time to direct our focus on this project.

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    Re: North Florida Pool Repairs Renovation?

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    Re: North Florida Pool Repairs Renovation?

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    Re: North Florida Pool Repairs Renovation?

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    Re: North Florida Pool Repairs Renovation?

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    Re: North Florida Pool Repairs Renovation?

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    Re: North Florida Pool Repairs Renovation?

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