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Thread: Waterco Hydroxypure. Is it a safe asthma friendly pool sanitiser?

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    Waterco Hydroxypure. Is it a safe asthma friendly pool sanitiser?

    Hi I have just joined this forum as it appears to have a wealth of technical expertise. I am in Australia and have been researching an asthma friendly pool product as I have a daughter who suffers from asthma. I am interested in the Hydroxypure system that is endorsed by the Asthma Council Australia sensitive choice program. I thought I came across comments here a few months ago but cannot find them now so maybe it was another site. However I have been told by another supplier that the "sensitive choice" is a bit of a scam in that it only allows one manufacturers products to be promoted in each category, in this case swimming pool category. Originally the asthma council were endorsing the Waterco pool poppets and have since added the Hydroxypure to the list My understanding is that the new system uses ozone & hydrogen peroxide which is chlorine free and a healthier option but feedback from others in the "industry" has me confused more than ever and prompted some questions.

    Is the system a good alternative to chlorine for asthma suffers?

    Is it a good sanitising method? I have been told that the use of hydrogen peroxide in swimming pools in australia is only approved when combined with other "residual" sanitisers and ozone is not a residual sanitiser???? Another said HP is only approved for use in spas, not pools. Is this correct?

    How much hydrogen peroxide would I need to add to a 80,000 litre pool and how often? Ie what ongoing costs?

    What maintenance is required running ozone and is it expensive to run? I am told its maintenance free.

    Would I be able to reduce running cost compared to a salt water pool and reduce pump usage? Power costs are getting crazy!

    The sales guy I spoke to at the pool show seemed have little knowledge of the system or price. In fairness I think it had only just been announced at the time.

    Any help and unbiased advice appreciated.

    Thanks, confused

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    Re: Waterco Hydroxypure. Is it a safe asthma friendly pool sanitiser?

    Sounds like a while bunch of nonsense to me. It would certainly not be an approved sanitizer in the U.S. and likely way more expensive. It is the byproducts that can affect asthma ... In a properly maintained chlorine pool there will not be a problem.

    There are countless threads here that discuss "alternative sanitizers" or "is chlorine safe" that you can search for.

    I understand your concern, but let that motivate you to learn the proper chemistry and methods we teach fit maintain your pool and you will likely have no problems.

    To add:
    Ozone and uv systems do not leave a residual sanitizer the water. Only the water going through the system is sanitized, so you would likely need to increase pump run time have any hope at a safe sanitized pool. A properly sized SWG would not need very much run time and would allow you to maintain the lowest possible chlorine level.
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    Re: Waterco Hydroxypure. Is it a safe asthma friendly pool sanitiser?

    Welcome to TFP!

    You are correct that hydrogen peroxide alone is not approved in Australia for pools, but is approved for spas (though not in the U.S.). In pools in Australia, you use hydrogen peroxide with Baquacil/biguanide/PHMB where the latter is actually the disinfectant and hydrogen peroxide is used as an oxidizer. Hydrogen peroxide is incompatible with chlorine since it is also a reducing agent.

    As Jason noted, it is certain disinfection by-products, most notably nitrogen trichloride (aka trichloramine) that affects asthma sufferers, but in a residential outdoor pool there are minimal disinfection by-products and in particular virtually no nitrogen trichloride. This is due to the fact that in properly maintained residential pools using Cyanuric Acid (CYA), the active chlorine level is very low so that combined with the fact that bather load is very low a chlorine pool will be very safe and not irritating for those with asthma.
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    Re: Waterco Hydroxypure. Is it a safe asthma friendly pool sanitiser?

    Thank you both for your helpful feedback. I have decided not to go with the Hydroxypure although I am confused how it can be marketed so openly by a large company if it is not an approved sanitiser. There is another system on sale here "King Neptune" which appears to be using the same method. Very difficult for people like myself to make an informed decision.

    Thanks anyway.

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    Re: Waterco Hydroxypure. Is it a safe asthma friendly pool sanitiser?

    It is unfortunate that companies make outrageous claims but honestly, it is nothing new.

    I would encouarge you to at least try what we suggest here and see how it works for you. I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if you have excellent results with no ill affects with regard to Asthma or otherwise.

    Time and again, Chlorine proves to be a most reliable and effective pool sanitizer. The mis-management of it is usually to blame for "perceived" problems with it. Properly managed, there is nothing better for pools in my opinion.
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