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Thread: oversized pump ruining spider gasket?

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    oversized pump ruining spider gasket?

    Waterway Champion 1HP SF1.65 pump
    Hayward 250 Lb Sand filter.

    The pool is returning dirt into the pool upon start up for a few seconds. Filter was replaced by warranty company. The problem persists. The spider gasket was replaced about 2 weeks after the new filter was installed. The problem continued. After troubleshooting other potential causes of the dirt returning upon startup, i came back to the spider gasket. It was damaged again. I replaced the spider gasket again last week. This week it is leaking again. I don't know if this adds anything, but water only leaks out of the waste line when the pump is on recirculate mode, it doesn't leak on filter mode. I put it on recirculate mode as a way of checking if the gasket is damaged. If its not it wont leak on filter/recirculate, if it is damaged one of those modes will leak. thanks!

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    Re: oversized pump ruining spider gasket?

    You checked the mating surfaces to make sure there's not somwthing wrong there tearing the gasket up, didn't you?

    Are you sure whoever is operating it knows to shut the pump off and depress the handle fully before and during changing positions?
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    Re: oversized pump ruining spider gasket?

    Was the spider gasket glued in place when installed?

    What sort of damage are seeing on the gasket?
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    Re: oversized pump ruining spider gasket?

    The pump is oversized for that filter. However, it should still work. The raceways that hold the spoke gasket in place might be damaged.
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    Re: oversized pump ruining spider gasket?

    sorry for the delayed response. But the spider gasket is one that is glued in place. So when it is replaced the whole top piece of the multiport valve is replaced. I can assure you that the pump is always off when the handle is turned, and i did not see anything wrong with the mating surface. The same problem that is causing the leak in recirculate mode has to be what is causing the dirt in the pool. I actually think a lot of people might have this issue and maybe don't know it. Since discovering this leak while on recirculate mode, i have found several other filters that leak while on recirculate mode too. Those filters have nice vacuums in the pool so the small accumulation of dirt each day doesn't amount to much. However, back to my problem, any ideas are really welcome. I don't think i mentioned this, but the problem goes away and the pool is perfectly clean if, after i vacuum, i shut the pump off for the week. Thanks

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