I have a Jandy Aqualink RS model 8157 type RS-6 combo unit with a One Touch remote.
In the past, if I wanted to heat the spa, I would go to the remote, push the "equipment on/off" button, and then push the "spa heat" button.
The pool pump would automatically turn on, the automatic valves out at the pool equipment would rotate (diverting the pump from the pool to the spa), and the heater would fire up - good to go.
Now, when I push the "spa heat" button, it reads enabled (just like it did before), but the pump doesn't go on and the valves don't automatically rotate.
I can however go to the "one touch" mode and turn the "spa mode" on and everything comes on like it should.
I know I could probably turn the spa on by just using the "spa mode" option, but it was easier before just hitting the "spa heat" button, and little things like this bug me - I want to try and figure it out.
Anyone know if it's a program thing - that makes the valves and pump sync up when the "heat button" is pushed?