Hello, this my first post to this forum! My hats off to the creator & administrator of this forum. I've been searching the internet for several days now & can't find a solution, but certainly find this site often in my search results.

Here's my background:

- bought a 25 y/o house at the end of October 2013
- pool was inspected by a local pool co. - results were fair, but the inspector noted that the pump seal needed to be replaced due to water leaking from the bottom
- shortly after moving in I noticed that the circuit breaker for the pool would trip during or after rain. After the storm & rain passed, I could reset the breaker and manually turn on the pump. The timer would resume even the time was incorrect
- Note - the prior owners allowed the pump to run 24/7. I decided to set the timer so the pump would run about 8 hrs a day after I got the first utility bill
- once we settled in, I ordered a replacement shaft seal & found good instructions online to replace the seal
- replacing the seal resolved the pump leak but still noticed that the pump would stop because of rain & the breaker would trip
- usually I could reset the breaker & manually turn on the pump
- finally, I couldn't turn it on manually
- I then checked power from the house using a voltage tester & the reading was weak or inconsistent. I noticed the wire was corroded & the copper was covered in white
- I cleaned all the copper wiring - wiring from house, wiring to timer. Afterwards I tested voltage again & reading seemed fine.
- I tested voltage at the pump & the breaker inside the house was tripped. I also noticed the red stranded wire insulation was torn & missing at certain points & the wire was rusted
- I thought I had found the problem, so ventured to replace the wiring from the timer to the pump
- I installed outdoor wiring 10-2 gauge, solid not stranded wire
- tested the voltage again & I got a strong signal & the breaker didn't trip
- unfortunately, the timer still doesn't work - the gears aren't turning
- also the pump does nothing - won't start & no humming to indicate that it's trying to start
- I have a home warranty that covers pool equipment, but would like to figure this out on my own if possible

Anyone have any ideas...