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Thread: zodiac system problems

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    zodiac system problems

    I had my pool built in may of 2013. It is about 24000 gallons and has a Jandy Aquapure 1400 and an iAqualink PDA system. For the past few weeks I have been having nothing but problems. It started when I noticed the chlorine level dropping. It went to almost 0. I then noticed that the Aquapure was stuck in reverse mode. I contacted the installer who set up the Jandy system. He said it was the flow sensor and replaced it. I am not sure why as it was always showing flow. As he was leaving the system went back into reverse mode. He said that he would be back the following week to replace more parts. He never came back claiming some sort of warranty issue. I then tried to reach Zodiac but they were shut down for almost 2 weeks for the holidays. Pentair was open though. My pool builder finally sent another company over and he replaced the back board. He claimed that the system makes chlorine in reverse. I tried to correct him but he didn't seem interested. Neither techs did any voltage testing. I thought there may be an issue with chlorine consumption so I did a slam and raised the chlorine to above 24ppm. To simplify the running of the pump I put the aqua link in 24 hour boost mode. That wast he first time I saw the chlorine go up. The next day I put it in regular mode and after a while it went to reverse. The aqua link also showed an error with the rs485. [attachment=0:2twa41q9]Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 11.37.50 AM.png[/attachment:2twa41q9]

    I called Zodiac they said something was wrong and that they were going to contact the regional support manager and someone would get in touch with me. Nobody did. I called again later in the day and the tech said I may want to disconnect the rs485 from the aqua pure and run it separately. Knowing zodiac's policy about customers servicing their own equipment I questioned him. I said it is all in one box and are you asking me to unscrew the panel and disconnect the cable. He said "I can't tell you do to that". Not to jeopardize any warranty I have I said I need to get some tech here. I called back again today and they gave me more service companies. This time I noticed that 3 lights were on cell resting, flow and reversing. They said that should never happen. Half of the companies they gave me didn't service aqua pure systems and they also wanted to charge me just to come out for a warranty call. I am ready to dump this whole system and go to tablets. Has anyone had any success with zodiac warranty service?

    What could be wrong? Is it the front board? I can test the voltages if someone can send me the service manual.

    I am not happy with the service and warranty and haven't had any success. Any ideas what I can do?
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    Re: zodiac system problems ... 25600.ashx

    Manual does state that it makes chlorine in reverse mode.
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    Re: zodiac system problems

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    I have no experience with this system, but here are some general SWG comments:
    - Most SWG reverse the polarity of the cell to lower the likelihood of scale build up in the cell. (not sure if that is what you are talking about).
    - Have you checked the cell for scaling? If it is clogged, the FC output could be greatly reduced.
    - Another reason for reading low FC is if your FC / CYA ratio got to be too low and algae started to grow in the pool, consuming the FC faster than the SWG is making it. Looks like you thought of this ... but, SLAMing is not a one time chlorine addition it is a process. Did you pass the 3 tests to stop the SLAM Process?

    Being that you are seeing an error message, the things I have mentioned above may not be the problem.
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    Re: zodiac system problems

    The unit does make chlorine in reverse mode as it should switch back and forth to help keep the plates clean inside the cell. The flow sensor should not have anything to do with the unit stuck in reverse, but he probably changed that because the flow sensor is the most common part to cause issues with the aquapure. I don't have any experience with the aquapure and automation together, but it seems to me there is a failure between the two. I would continue working the issue with your pool builder and Zodiac until it is fixed.

    Do you have any test results of your water that could help us to see if there are any water conditions that might not be ideal?
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    Re: zodiac system problems

    Where are you located? I can connect you with someone at Zodiac that'll take care of it.

    I attended an all day Zodiac training yesterday. They supplied a technician's manual for your AquaPure, but it's in paper form. I'm supposed to get a pdf version in the next day or two. I'll be happy to send it your way as soon as I get it.

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