Long time lurker here who really appreciates the amassed knowledge.

I have a DelSol Redondo spa that was recently equipped with a new motor due to a motor winding gone bad.
It has a two-speed motor with a four-button (membrane switch) controller. It is powered by 220V.

The new motor worked fine for a night. The next time I used the spa, I turned on the high speed, but was unable to turn it off.
Eventually, I hit the breaker and killed power to the whole system, waited 30 seconds, then reset the switch.
No more high speed motor running uncontrolled.
Unfortunately, no more high speed motor at all. Nor is there a low speed motor. (The motor switch toggles between high, low, and off).
There *is* however low speed motor when the thermostat is turned up. And the tub maintains temp.

My guess is a relay. In your opinion, am I looking in the right direction? Hoping it will warm up this weekend so I can poke around.

Thanks again for all of your help.